Thursday, August 4, 2011

Demonizing Israel for Fun and Profit

From Arutz Sheva
"Are Israel's leftists pure ideologues or guns for hire? Yotam Feldman, who was born into the leftist camp – his father is liberal lawyer Avigdor Feldman – believes the latter.

In a Hebrew language post at the "Eretz HaEmori" blog, Feldman says that in his life, he has witnessed how Israel's "human rights movement" became a source of income for its activists. He relates how his father's old Subaru "gradually turned" into a BMW, and how the family moved from a rented apartment in Yafo to a spacious Tel Aviv apartment. "

He continues:

"It is a well known but seldom stated fact that a very large part of the leftist activists in Tel Aviv earn their salaries in different ways from the human rights branch. Many of the prominent – and often most vocal – activists in the demonstrations are paid spokespeople, PR people, producers and organizers and of course, lawyers who man the tip of the pyramid in these groups."

"This is a pretty confusing situation because when you are standing in a demonstration or even just engaging in idle talk, it is not clear if the person next to you is expressing his opinion as a result of inner conviction or as an inseparable part of his job…

"Therefore, if it were not for the plethora of neo-colonialist European Union initiatives for solving disputes, safeguarding human rights and establishing good governance, it is likely that many of my acquaintances would find themselves without an income."

This is probably why leftist groups are so concerned about proposed committees of inquiry into the sources of their NGOs' funding."

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well let me tell you something. richard becker didn't look like he was having too much fun at the last demo. in S.F. when i was taunting him about the stupid flotilla with my copy of Captain Israel. rest assured with my trusty video camera in hand they want be having much fun at any anti-Israel demo that i appear at.