Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stand with us. Stand for Peace. Stand with Israel: Action Alert Oakland Dec 13

This evening, the AIPAC dinner in San Jose was sold out. Hundreds of participants attended, with only three, count them three protesters outside (Yes, you guessed it, Donna and Darlene Wallach and one other troll)

Join San Francisco Voice for Israel tomorrow in Oakland. International ANSWER, Bay Area Women in Black, Students for Justice in Palestine and all the local haters will be protesting. They've asked their followers to show up in Hamas green.

Action Alert follows: Please forward widely
Monday December 13, 5-7 PM: counterprotest anti-Israel groups in front of the AIPAC Membership Dinner in Oakland. The dinner will take place at the Oakland Marriott City Center, 1001 Broadway (closest BART station: 12th Street).


Without a doubt, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is one of the most powerful lobbies on Capitol Hill. The enemies of Israel, however, inflate this into the charge that AIPAC, and by implication Jews, run the US government. In reality, AIPAC works to lobby for pro-Israel legislation and to educate legislators on issues related to the US-Israeli relationship. According to the New York Times, AIPAC is the most important organization affecting the
US's relationship with Israel.

Every year, AIPAC holds gala events throughout the Bay Area. Every year, the enemies of American and Israel and their relationship protest outside these events, often trying to harass event attendees. This year the anti-Israel groups have targeted the Oakland membership dinner.


As we have done in previous years, Stand WithUs/SF Voice For Israel will be there to be sure the pro-Israel voice is publicly represented.

Whether or not you agree with AIPAC's policies, please come join us. The protests typically are only nominally about AIPAC and mostly about demonizing Israel. As an example of the political orientation of the anti-Israel demonstrators, one of the organizers of previous Sacramento anti-AIPAC demonstrations has written that "Hamas and Hezbollah are part of the global movement for a more just world."
Few if any of the anti-AIPAC protestors at this event want peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

For those of you attending the event, we do not want you to miss the dinner itself,; we encourage you to stand with us outside before the event begins at 6 PM.

As always, feel free to make your own signs but please no signs or graphics offensive to any racial or ethnic group including but not limited to Arabs, Islam, or Palestinians. Signs in violation of our policies will not be allowed.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Because of the possibility, at any public event, of violent behavior by those opposed to the very existence of Israel-- please do not engage the anti-Israel demonstrators and please DO follow any instructions of the Oakland police on the scene. We will be working with the Oakland Police Department to try to keep the anti-Israel groups well away from the entrance to the hotel. We recommend that if you will travel on BART, do not wear hats or clothing that identifies you as an Israel supporter, and do not bring your own signs or flags-- we will have plenty available at the scene.

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Anonymous said...

From their event announcement. Note how once again, JVP aligns itself with some of the most anti semitic groups around.
Endorsers of the Protest of AIPAC:
Progressive Democrats of America-East Bay· Middle East Study Group· Middle East Children’s Alliance · Bay Area Women in Black · Students for Justice in Palestine · 14 Friends of Palestine · Richmond Progressive Alliance · American Friends Service Comm. · Code Pink · Jewish Voice for Peace · ANSWER- SF Bay Area · Friends of Deir Ibzi’a