Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Protesting Aipac Dec. 14 - All quiet on Nob Hill

Despite absolutely FRANTIC appeals from SJP, Codepink, and Lilly at the Arab Resource Organizing Center, not a single protester showed up this evening.

Nob Hill was peaceful, serene and romantic in the dark wetness of late Autumn.

A very perfect San Francisco night, it actually wasn’t raining very much.

When I passed by the Fairmont shortly after six, there were cop cars all over the place. And barricades.
No Palestinian flags. No revolutionary banners or signs. And no one manning the barricades – not a single person or Berkeleyite.
No evidence whatsoever that anyone had ever even been there protesting.
Nothing pink. Nor green.

I believe the operative terms is EPIC FAIL.

Perhaps aged hippies and young punks can’t walk uphill?

Quite likely they can’t read maps either ("see this BIG blob over here? It’s FILLED with Palestinians! It’s called 'Jordan' ").


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Anonymous said...

I saw the Wizard of Oz. Maybe haters dissolve in the rain, too.