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The world is remarkably silent when Muslims exterminate Christians. Perhaps nowhere more so than in the case of Egypt - long a "friend" of the Western World and handsomely recompensed for that service - where without United States aid and assistance, plus the money from pandering to European tourists, there would be massive food-shortages and societal collapse due to official corruption, overpopulation, misguided policies, and general neglect of both development and infrastructural upkeep.

Without the West, Egypt would be a failed state falling into chaos, instead of just a corrupt dictatorship ruled by a clique that cares but for cash.

However, Egypt also has a remarkable safety valve; a substantial Christian minority that can be discriminated against and periodically slaughtered.
This fortunate circumstance keeps the impoverished Muslim majority quiescent.

[No doubt many other countries are envious, and wish they could still do the same; alas, most have been far too profligate in that regard, and barely have any non-Muslims left to persecute.]

Article in the Wall Street Journal:

Egypt's Persecuted Christians
Wall Street Journal, May 18, 2010
By Moheb Zaki

A few weeks ago in the coastal city of Marsa Matrouh, an enraged mob of some 3,000 angry Muslims gathered after Friday prayers. After the mosque's imam exhorted them to cleanse the city of its infidel Christians, called Copts, they went on a rampage.
The toll was heavy: 18 homes, 23 shops and 16 cars were completely destroyed, while 400 Copts barricaded themselves in their church for 10 hours until the frenzy died out.
This was only the latest of more than a dozen such attacks during the past year, including in the village of Kafr El-Barbary on June 26, the town of Farshout on Nov. 21, and the village of Shousha on Nov. 23. Then came Naga Hamadi, where passengers in a drive-by car fired at random into Christians leaving a Coptic Christmas service on Jan. 6. The massacre killed seven and left 26 seriously wounded.

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Such behaviour is encouraged at the highest levels - from government departments through the most respected of Islamic institutions. Al-Azhar University, font of much discord for several decades - many of its Malay, Philippino, Indonesian, Afghan, and Pakistani graduates have founded terror-cults upon returning to their homelands - is perhaps the most guilty of inculcating violent tendencies among the 'Umma'.

Al-Azhar's textbook for its high-school students, called "Al Iqna'," states that killing a Muslim is punishable by death, but if a Muslim kills a non-Muslim he is not subject to capital punishment since the superior cannot be punished for killing the inferior (p. 146). It also states that the blood money (compensation for manslaughter) rates for a woman is half that for a man, but for a Christian or Jew it is one third that of a Muslim (p. 187); and that there can be no stewardship (such as a superior in work) of a non-Muslim over a Muslim (p. 205).
Thus the hundreds of thousands of Azhar schools, which are monitored by the state, indoctrinate and then discharge annually into Egyptian society hundreds of thousands of young Muslims with an ideology of intolerance, contempt and hatred toward Copts (and even more intensely toward Jews).

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The Egyptian rulers, like many despots, refuse to acknowledge that there is an issue.

Despite the long-standing suffering of the Copts, the Egyptian government cynically insists that there is no sectarian problem and brands as traitors those who draw international attention to the Copts' plight. So far the United States and the rest of the Western democracies, despite repeated Coptic appeals, have done little besides calling upon the Egyptian regime to foster greater tolerance.
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Read the entire article here:

Then bring it to the attention of your elected representatives.
You may also wish to contact the Egyptians directly................

The Egyptian Consulate General in San Francisco
القنصلية العامة لجمهورية مصر العربية
في مدينة سان فرانسيسكو

276 Mallorca Way, San Francisco, CA 94123-1515
Tel. (415) 346-9700 / 346-9702 / 346-7352
Fax (415) 346-9480
Web: http://egy2000.com/

The Consulate covers Arizona, Alaska, California, Idaho, Washington, Utah, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii and Wyoming.

You may address your letter to the Honourable Consul General:
Mr. Hesham Elnakib, Ph.D.

Do not count on a positive response, however; the Egyptian government does not recognize a problem in the persecution of Copts.
In any case, San Francisco is merely a plum posting, staffed by comfortable people with a properly clerical attitude.

I would assume that the most you can expect them to do is put your name on a list, for possible watching or "minding" should you ever decide to take a jaunt to the Sphinx and the Pyramids.
Like many 'Arab' governments, they don't take kindly to critics.
Especially not pesky Westerners.

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Maryanne Karavedic said...

The idea of Egypt responding positively to anything short of plagues is absurd.