Thursday, September 3, 2015

Co-existence? They'll have none of that in Wales

An exhibit in Cardiff meant to celebrate peace through football was abruptly shuttered, following "complaints". The Cardiff library was hosting the photographic exhibit, meant to show how sports builds bridges across political divides in advance of Sundays Wales vs Israel game at Cardiff City Stadium.

Photographers Gad Salner and Vadim Tarasov highlighted  Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities playing together throughout Israel  lower-league football throughout Israel.

From the Daily Mail:

The project, created by photographers Gad Salner and Vadim Tarasov, records how football can bring rival communities together. It has previously been displayed at the Guardian offices.

The photography project focuses on lower-league football throughout Israel, emphasising how Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities come together through the beautiful game.
One example is the Betar Nordia Football Club in Jerusalem, a small, fan-owned club that promotes diversity and sportsmanship, while opposing violence and racism in football. The club’s Jewish participants play alongside their Arab Muslim and Christian colleagues.

'From forgotten Arab villages in the north to dusty Jewish neighborhoods in the south, we visit places where the seemingly ever-present tension between cultures evaporates, and where diversity is embraced, encouraged and celebrated,' said the photographers in a statement.

Judith Woodman, leader of the opposition at Cardiff Council, called the censorship
"a disgraceful reflection on our city."

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