Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Palestinians Re-writing history: Life Magazine

 Via Emunah:

During its prime, Life Magazine featured some of the greatest writers, editors, illustrators and photographers of the time.  Life chronicled daily life in America and across the world.  It profiled celebrities- from world leaders to entertainers.   And it documented a world at war.

Recently, Palestinian activists have been re-purposing the iconic photos of the Life Magazine collection, in an effort to create a history that hadn't existed before.  

The Palestine Project has reproduced and recaptioned photos from the Life Magazine collection, replacing references and captions of "Arabs" with "Palestinians", and removing the photos from their historic context.   They are literally re-writing history, seeking to misled, rather than inform.

Original photos describes a 13 year old Arab boy
Altered caption describes a 13 year old Palestinian boy

Original caption  describes Arab refugees

Altered caption describes Palestinian refugees

Original Caption

Altered caption

Original caption describes Arab refugees ferried across the bay to Acre

Altered caption describes  "exiled" Palestinian refugees

The Life Magazine archives are fully digitized and are available on Google books for future reference.
Interestingly enough,  in their attempt to re-write history, the Palestine Project neglected to include this very interesting photo and caption, which describes the principal Arab field commander Fawzi Bey, an ally of the Nazis during World War II.

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Anonymous said...

Did you see this? You all were mentioned in YNET!

"Keep that in mind as I describe the second news item. This one has to do with a group of activists known as the Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, who last week noticed that “The Palestine Project,” an anti-Israel website, has been engaged in some pretty sleazy sleight-of-hand.

The Palestine Project gang has taken 45 photos from Life magazine’s archive and created an online exhibit called “Photos: Palestine 1948.” The sharp-eyed Bay Bloggers discovered that the photos’ original captions, as published in Life, had been changed in the Palestine Project exhibit.

A caption which in the original 1948 magazine referred to a dead “Arab” teenager has been changed to a dead “Palestinian” teenager. A caption mentioning “Arab refugees” is now “Palestinian” refugees. A “deserted street” has become “a deserted Palestinian street.”

Why are pro-Palestinian propagandists literally re-writing history? Because they HAVE to. If they leave the historical record intact, their cause crumbles. Accurate history is their greatest enemy.