Sunday, December 27, 2020

More Gaza Lies and Fauxtography

 Via Emunah.

On Christmas Day, terrorists in Gaza launched 2 rockets into Israel.  Both were intercepted by Iron Dome.  The IDF retaliated by bombing military targets, including a rocket manufacturing site,  underground infrastructure and a military training  post.  The airstrike at the munitions factory triggered secondary explosions at the site, causing damage to other buildings in the area, including factories, a children’s hospital.

Anti-Israel activists sprung into action,  with misleading headlines claiming  "Israeli warplanes bomb Pediatric Hospital in Gaza"

Soon, the lies were being reinforced by fauxtography.   

The editors at "Absolute India" may not have noticed the Hebrew on the rescue workers coveralls.  Oops.

The lies spread quickly, while the truth was looking for its pants...

Interesting enough, the photo (perhaps fauxto is more accurate?)  they used is an Israeli home, damaged last year by a Hamas rocket.
Israel home damaged in Gaza rocket attack

For accurate information on what really happened in Gaza on Christmas Day, see:

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