Friday, December 11, 2020

Hanukkah Menorah Vandalized in Alameda.

A menorah erected outside Alameda City Hall was found toppled and broken on the first day of Hanukkah.   The City owned menorah is now repaired and has been returned to the plaza.

From the Facebook Page of the City of Alameda:

Last night, on the first night of Chanukah, the Menorah at City Hall was destroyed. In Alameda, we have no tolerance for hate. If you have any information that could help our investigation, please call 510-337-8340. Chanukah is a time for joy and dedication. We celebrate to remember that hate does not win when we rise up against oppressors. 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year, but Alamedans are resilient, and we will recover. For most of us, our new Menorah will shine brighter than ever before. In Alameda we believe strongly that everyone belongs here in our inclusive community.

If you have any information about those responsible for this incident, please contact the Alameda police at 510-337-8340.

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Rahula said...

On a local Facebook page, Oakland resident Nara Dahlbacka blamed the incident on Zionists.
Oh, yes she did.

She wrote "Zionist Jews are a problem. They invite and condone antisemitism by supporting Trump. They support regimes at home and abroad that are the antithesis of every single thing I was taught at temple were the values of the Jewish people. They’ve invited literal Nazis into their tent, so shouldn’t be surprised bc Nazis gonna Nazi."

Screenshot available if needed.