Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Petition urging California delegates to vote against divise anti-Israel resolutions

From Zioness:

This week's California Democratic Party Convention presents a historic opportunity to lead the nation in identifying the progressive issues that will be most pressing in the search for a Democratic nominee for president. In a time where marginalized communities are attacked, women's rights are suppressed, LGBTQ+ people are dehumanized, climate change science is denied, and corrupt federal judges are nominated to uphold bigotry and intolerance, it could not be more urgent that we come together to advance a bold, progressive agenda.
Unfortunately, there are individuals who claim to be allies but who are actually working around the clock to divide us, rather than to unite us. Certain groups have introduced six resolutions intended to encourage boycotts of, and otherwise target, Israel: the world's only Jewish state, and a safe haven for one of history's most enduring persecuted communities.
However well-intentioned, these resolutions are perceived by American Jews as an attack on our community, which has seen a terrifying uptick in antisemitic attacks in America and around the world; which overwhelmingly supports the progressive agenda; and which has stood on the forefront of social justice movements in this country since their inception.Anyone who wants to see these movements succeed understands that we must reject these attacks on the Jewish community by rejecting the demonization and delegitimization of Israel. By doing so, we protect the integrity of our progressive spaces and recommit ourselves to equality and human dignity for all people, including the Jewish people.
California Democrats are setting the agenda for the entire nation. There is simply too much to lose. We cannot––must not––allow anyone to exploit the convention platform to distract from the issues facing Americans and the work we must do to uplift and advance oppressed communities in our country.
Sign this petition to urge the California Democratic Delegates to vote against the divisive anti-Israel resolutions NOW.

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