Sunday, June 2, 2019

California Democrats reject anti-Israel language at State Convention

Six highly controversial anti-Israel resolutions introduced at the California Democratic Conference have been rejected. The  resolutions were effectively emasculated  in Committee, and  were ultimately disowned by the original authors.

Press release from the Progressive Zionists of California
(Sunday, June 2, 2019, San Francisco, California) --

Progressive Zionists of California (PZC) commends the California Democratic Party for rejecting numerous anti-Israel resolutions this weekend. In particular, we are pleased with the numerous rewrites of particularly troubling resolutions in the Resolutions Committee. The resolutions as amended were so odious to their authors that they withdrew their names as authors. We commend the Resolutions Committee in particular for their thoughtful discussion, and commitment to dialogue.
Additionally, PZC co-founder Paul Kujawsky was crucial in defeating five requests to support anti-Israel bills or oppose pro-Israel bills in the Legislative Committee. He argued effectively for this committee in particular to adopt "no position" for four of five bills, saying of the weekend, "This is a total defeat for anti-Israel activists this weekend. I could not be prouder of our efforts to combat extremism in the party."
Andrea Beth Damsky, founding member of PZC, echoed that sentiment, "I am so pleased with this powerful repudiation of anti-Zionist activity in the California Democratic Party. The conversation about the conflict takes up far too much time and energy, and we look forward to refocusing our resources into issues of concern for all Democrats -- reproductive freedom, climate change, housing, and even perhaps adopting the Equal Rights Amendment!"
PZC is grateful to our partners: the Jewish Legislative Caucus, Zioness MovementDemocrats for Israel Los AngelesDemocratic Majority for IsraelAmerican Jewish CommitteeADL - Anti-Defamation Leagueand numerous grassroots partners for their cooperation, support, and guidance. We look forward to working together in the future to keep our political discourse free from anti-Semitism so we can focus on making our communities better for everyone. When we organize together, we win.
PZC is a grassroots coalition of Democrats that supports the self-determination of the Jewish people in their ancestral homeland, addresses antisemitism wherever it arises, supports progressive policies in the CDP, and stands against the undemocratic policies of right-wing Israeli leadership.


Anonymous said...

Incidentlly, David Mandel, a Sacramento attorney associated with Jewish Voice for Peace was behind the offensive resolutions.

Kimberly said...

Remember, for the next election: The odious resolutions were authored by a team of Delegates that included Ronald "Chris" Yatooma Assembly District 6; David Mandel, Assembly District 7, Yassar Dahbour, Assembly District 9, Kari Khoury, Assembly District 13; and Murad Saramah, Assembly District 7.