Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day of Action for Palestine at UC Berkeley. A photo essay

Via Emunah:

Today was the  Day of Action for Palestine at UC Berkeley.  And by "action", apparently, they meant screaming angry words into a microphone.

Anti-Israel activists from on campus and off gathered in Sproul Plaza.

Marina Gutierrez and the map that lies
Hassan Fouda is a professional Israel hater. Rusty Bates sells bumper stickers on Telegraph Ave. They both took time off from their busy schedules to protest the only democracy in the Middle East

The SJP fundraising booth stood empty.  No one was buying what they were selling.

Photo from Tikvah- Students for Israel
Tikvah, Bears for Israel, and even representatives from J street countered the event with a silent protest , steadfastly ignoring provocations from the other side.

From the Algemeiner

Josh Woznica, president of Bears for Israel, said that his group and fellow pro-Israel organization Tikvah are “coming together for the first time to present a strong, united front” against Thursday’s “International Day of Action for Palestine” demonstration. In previous years, he said, students at these rallies have gone so far as to openly call for terrorism against the Jewish state.

Woznica said that the counter-protest, which he expects will be attended by over 100 people, is not aimed at anti-Israel students, but rather at the “70 percent who pass by and don’t know anything about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our intent is to have a silent protest opposing the anti-Israel messaging of the ‘Day of Action,’ highlighting the importance of academic freedom and ending the double standard applied to Israel. We are not trying to convince the other side. We want the students to see there is another perspective. Anti-Israel groups scream and chant really catchy slogans, such as, ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,’ and present a false picture of what is happening in Israel. Our goal is to expose this.”

The people united will never be defeated.  It was particularly gratifying to see all the pro-Israel students working together to counter intolerance at UC Berkeley.

From Campus Watch:

Israel Bashing Profs Abdulhadi and Bazian Play the Victim at Berkeley


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Well, like everyone keeps saying California does need the rain. maybe the sparse turn out had more to do with the pro-terror "students" trying to appeal to students who are at Berkeley for an actual education that will land them good jobs some day as opposed to becoming professional protesters for most of thier adult lives?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Also, it looks like business was booming at that terror souvenir stand. I wonder if they sent the $15 or so dollars they raised that day directly to hamas or if they had to launder it first?

Gary Fouse said...

Did the play the Palestinian National Anthem? (I wrote it, you know.)