Friday, October 28, 2016

Palestinian mob terrorize Israeli speakers event in London


While Hatem Bazian stood in  UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza,  claiming  Palestinian voices on campus were “silenced”,  half a world away, Palestinian activists violently disrupted an event with Hen Mazzig,  an Israeli peace activist.  Mazzig was at the University College London  to discuss his humanitarian work in the West Bank.

 After failing to have the talk cancelled by the university,  demonstrators took matters into their own hands. Some forced a window open, in order to break into the venue.  An angry mob screamed insults and pounded on the door, trying desperately to silence the Israeli human rights activist, in what they claimed was a “non-violent” protest.

Four police cars and 20  officers  quickly arrived at the scene in an effort to prevent further escalation.

From Jewish News.

UCL students described the terrifying scene which caused some, including event organiser and Friends of Israel Society co-president Liora Cadranel, to flee in tears. Another student, Devora Khafi, suffered a panic attack following an alleged assault by a pro-Palestinian activist.

Attendees were forced to lock themselves into a room to protect themselves against a 100-strong rabble gathered outside, demonstrating against the arrival of Israeli peace activist Hen Mazzig.

Liora said: “I thought Hen Mazzig would be a brilliant speaker to engage with students on all sides of the political spectrum. His lack of bias makes him ideal to speak on a controversial issue.”

Palestinian activists have become the fascist brown shirts of our times, with raging mobs violently "enforcing" the cultural and academic boycott of Israel. Its yet another example of the ugliness that BDS brings to a campus

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

so disgusting! sounds like something out of one those zombie apocalypse movies like 28 Days Later or World War Z.