Sunday, September 25, 2016

Grape Expectations: Wine Spectator features the Wines of Israel

Rumors of Israel's impending isolation appear to be somewhat exaggerated.

The October 15, 2016 issue of Wine Spectator proudly features the wines of Israel

h/t SF Bay Pro Israel Counter Terrorist Unit

For an alphabetical list of the world class wines produced in Israel check out Wine Spectator's online listing.

The issue includes an article on Israel's transformation with "Fine wine production is now part of a rich cultural tapestry as a generation of modern-minded winemakers explore what is possible in their arid land" as well as an article on the top Israeli top wineries and restaurants 

This isn't Wine Spectator's first profile of Israeli wines - check out their Kosher wine and food archives

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Athalia said...

Wine Spectator features the Wines of Israel - Seems like it is a worth reading book. Thanks for recommending.