Saturday, September 24, 2016

Jewish Voice for Peace "thick as thieves" with Miko Peled

Jewish  Voice for Peace has been "thick as thieves" with  Miko Peled for years. He tabled with the extremist group, representing them at a conference on Reform Judaism

In January he gave a talk at UCLA  sponsored by JVP and SJP, along with fellow "AsaJew" Max Blumenthal.

JVP even featured Peled's book, "The Generals Son" in its book club

With such intimate contact with Miko Peled, you'd think that JVP might have noticed before now that he harbors anti-Semitic beliefs.

JVP has taken considerable flack for tolerating open anti-Semitism in the past. In a surprising effort to shake JVP's reputation as an aider and abetter of anti-Semitism, Executive Director Rebecca Vilkomerson took a stand via Twitter

Local anti-Israel  activists (not one of whom accepts the right of the Jewish people to self determination in their ancient homeland)  weighed in immediately

Jane Chesterman Jewell from 14 friends of Palestine called Rebecca Vilkomerson the "Zionist's favorite gatekeeper"

From open supporter of terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah , Paul Larudee:

From Jeff Blankfort called "JVP is the equivalent of a COINTEL operation"

They all get it wrong, of course. Zionism is the civil rights movement of the Jewish people. By rejecting Zionism, you are rejecting Jewish self determination.  If you believe that all people, except the Jewish people, are entitled to self determination then, yes, you are an anti-Semite. If you believe the Jewish people are deserving of less rights than other people, yes, you are an anti-Semite.

This point is lost on both the defenders and detractors of Miko Peled.

JVP backtracks. via Legal Insurrection:
Under pressure, Jewish Voice for Peace re-embraces Miko Peled just days after accusing him of antisemitism


Gary Fouse said...

Peled is a hot tempered jerk. He goes bonkers if you start videotaping him.

Anonymous said...

A dangerous thing when fringe Jews get to decide what constitutes anti-Semitism because this falsely teaches that everything outside of that - such as JVP's own duplicitous anti-Zionism - is A-OK.

Peled has been slandering Israel for years, and slandering Jews - or blindly believing the slanders - is itself anti-Semitism; an age-old form. Rather than posturing indignation over a tweet, let's hear JVP explain Peled's slanders (documented here):