Monday, October 27, 2014

Oakland Block the Boat misses the boat, again

There was another anti-Israel promenade across the Oakland docks on Sunday.  It was a picture perfect day by the bay, and yes, it was a lovely day for a walk.  Holding signs calling for the destruction of Israel, 150 activists walked from West Oakland BART to the docks, aiming to stop a boat that wasn't even coming. (How could they fail?)  What was particularly strange about this particular  "block the boat protest" is that the anti-Israel activists were protesting the Zim Beijing, a ship heading due west, that was well over a thousand miles away.

Perhaps they hadn't bothered to check the schedule at Zim's website?

As part of Zim's restructuring, they will be consolidating  their shipping, and relying more on subcontractors. Economies of scale are particularly important in container shipping and this current strategy may enable them to survive the economic downturn within the shipping industry.

Expect the BDS'ers to distort this routine business decision beyond recognition and call it a "victory" for their cause.


Anonymous said...

lol. if you're gunna troll, at least get your facts straight. the protesters were well aware that the ZIM ship was avoiding oakland, even though it was scheduled to come on the 25th. the zionist ship still had oakland listed as a destination, and just couldn't bear to face another humiliation. either the restructuring of ZIM somehow entails public disinformation (as it did in August when the Israeli consulate put out a fake press release in desperation), or ZIM is in such shambles that it can't even update its routes. zionism fail.

Dusty said...

Its not trolling when its your own blog, anonymouse.

Zim notified the Pacific Maritime Association weeks ago that it would be using subcontractors at the Oakland port. Its been planning this restructuring since the begining of the year.

Everyone knew that the boat wasn't coming except for the protestors. I am certain they feel humiliated by their ill-planned decision to protest an empty dock.