Sunday, October 5, 2014

Heart-Rendering Photos from Gaza

Just weeks after the latest Gaza war, we are still learning about the depths of the humanitarian crisis sweeping the area

On September 20 Almat'haf Hotel and Cultural House posted these shocking photos on their Facebook page.

The horrors of post-war Gaza. Food lines

Over cooked vegetables. Its a war crime

Refined carbohydrates in Gaza. Part of a plan of ethnic cleansing by the worldwide Zionist conspiracy
The ultimate indignity to a besieged population: A custom crepe station

This is the Gaza the mainstream media does not want you to see.


Anonymous said...

Politics aside, that bread and pickle station is gorgeous. And all of Gaza could be like that, if the people could stop obsessing about Jews.

Dusty said...

You are right. Thats what we both want.