Saturday, October 18, 2014

Google Tel Aviv: One of the coolest offices of 2014

The creative energy in Tel Aviv is palpable. Youthful. Exuberant. Playful  Combine that with the innovation that Google brings, and you know you are in for something very special.

From Inc. The Coolest offices of 2014. an article by 
Google Tel Aviv, designed by: Camenzind Evolution: Honoring Cultural Identity Through Design
PHOTO: Peter Wurmli
Google is known for its highly stylized, playful offices, but this newly opened local headquarters spanning seven floors of a Tel Aviv high-rise takes the cake for meshing high-concept design with relevant, useful space. (Although it does so with a sense of humor.) As a starting point, architecture firm Camenzind Evolution interviewed Google employees in Israel about their identity as a company--and a culture. The firm came up with an array of themes, including family, optimism, and heritage, and decided to devote a floor to expressing each of these subjects. "We went to the secondhand market to buy objects for the heritage floor," (shown here) says Stefan Camenzind, partner and executive director of the firm, which created the space alongside two other architecture firms.

More photos of the Google Tel Aviv offices can be found here

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