Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sacramento Natural Food co-op says No to BDS

And another ones gone.
And another ones gone.
Another one bites the dust.
Yes. We are happy to report another failure in the movement to isolate Israel, the only democracy in the Middle east.

The Sacramento Natural Food Co-op like so many others before it, looked BDS in the face and said "No thank you". No thank you to divisiveness. No thank you to politics. No thank you to injecting conflict and controversy into our beloved co-op. Last night at the board meeting, the co-op board decided unanimously to suspend its current boycott policy because it is in conflict with the fundamental principles of the cooperative movement. This will also have the effect of suspending the current boycott investigation.

No doubt Maggie Coutler and friends will try another way to push their agenda on the co-op, with a petition, perhaps, or running a BDS'er for the Co-op Board. But they will find that the community will not tolerate this, and is ready to fight back.

A note to the community: If BDS rears its ugly head in your community, contact us and we'll help you mobilize. The war against Israel is being fought on many fronts. Remember- the people united can never be defeated. Together, we will win.

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DrMike said...

of course, now the BDSers are screaming "muzzling". Which is what happens anytime the rules of any organization are applied to them--be it a veto of a biased resolution at Cal, or a coop realizing that its policy was in conflict with principles it is supposed to uphold in its governance.
What else do you expect from a group that bases its campaign on a nonexistent "right" (of return of great grandchildren of refugees from the Arab war against the Jews) and a deliberately flawed reading of "international law"?