Thursday, October 14, 2010

If you are going to Boycott Israel, do it right

If you are going to Boycott Israel, do it right: Reject Israeli Technology and Insist on Invasive and Expensive Medical techniques

For all you BDS’ers out there: Saving lives is never as important as advancing an ideology. If you are suffering from respiratory disease, be sure to reject Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy- a new technique developed by Super Dimension , a private company based in Israel. ENB is a comprehensive, advanced lung navigation system now used in over 275 hospitals worldwide, that has facilitated diagnosis in over 15,000 patients, with the potential to aid in the early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer extending the reach of the conventional bronchoscope, deep in the lungs and lymph nodes.

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HIV positive ? A substance that destroys cells infected with deadly HIV and could prevent AIDS, has been developed in Israel after a decade of research by biologists and chemists at Hebrew University . The focus of all the excitement is a unique peptide, a short protein-like substance . When researchers applied it to human cell cultures, the peptide destroyed HIV-infected cells within two weeks without harming healthy cells. The Israeli discovery holds the promise of preventing AIDS. But we know you will reject this, and encourage the 33 million currently infected with HIV to do the same. It’s a small price to pay for rejecting zio- neocolonialist apartheid.

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Are you a Kaiser patient? Then insist on name brand pharmaceuticals, not generic Teva drugs, that bear the taint of the apartheid state. Surely money is no object in your effort to bring down one of the great evils of the world?

Boycotting Israel is about so much more than abandoning your Israeli couscous or Elite chocolate. If you are going to boycott Israel, be consistent. For more tips:


Anonymous said...

I'm boycotting Israel by not using computers. Consequently you cannot see this comment!

Anonymous said...

Be particularly careful using Facebook. It uses php software- a significant portion of which was developed in Israel. Remember Facebook= Zionist cooties.

Anonymous said...

Add Google to the boycott list:

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) is partnering with the Google R&D Center in Israel as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. The unique collaboration will enable the imaging and digitization of the entire collection of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Entitled The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, the project will use the most advanced and innovative technologies available to image the entire collection of 900 manuscripts comprising about 30,000 Dead Sea Scrolls fragments.