Thursday, October 15, 2009

Memphis - home to inbred Jedd and his bigoted klan

There are times when one wonders how soon civilization will strike certain places. Goodness knows, we've waited long enough for it to happen!
When will it be? When? When? When?

One of those places may be Memphis. I'm not sure, I have never been there, despite my idol worship of the king. Until today, it sounded like a wonderful place.

Memphis frat house painted with swastikas


The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity has not yet moved into the house on fraternity row at the University of Memphis, but the swastikas spray-painted Tuesday were accompanied by the message "welcome to frat row, Jews".
End quote.


"Welcome to frat row, Jews"

My guess is that it's food related. Some folks are genuinely scared of what metropolitan people eat - it frightens them, and threatens their sense of personal cultural security.
They're probably scared of brisket in Memphis. And I can understand that; once brisket arrives, the bacon-peanut butter-and-banana sandwich will start disappearing, and one more folkloric Memphis "contribution" to international cuisine will fade into oblivion. So very sad.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't anyone going to insist that its merely"anti-zionism" and not "anti-ssmeitism"?