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Sometimes I wonder whether the Berkeley Daily Planet has any shred of decency left. Is there no depth to which they will not stoop?
Then there are times when I read the damn thing, or someone sends me an article, and I must refrain from vomiting.
Today is one such time.
Trust me, you need not know what that odious rag did now.

It still baffles me, after all this time, that the editor of that foul agit-prop pamphlet, Becky O'Malley, considers herself a journalist, a gifted writer, and a decent human being. Fortunately I am not the only person in the Bay Area to be appalled by her chutzpah.

According to the Berkeley Daily Planet Watchdog:
Quote: 'The Berkeley Daily Planet, as we will show, is a font of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel expression. It defends itself from the ugly charge of anti-Semitism by professing, instead, a very strict interpretation of the rights of free speech. However, while we have found all manner of anti-Semitic hate ("free") speech, in a thorough review of all past issues we have found only one expression of hate speech directed at any other group. That other group is police officers. Since Michael and Becky O’Malley bought the paper in early 2003, we have not found one single expression of hate speech directed against gays, Muslims, blacks, or any other ethnic or religious group. ' End quote.


Chutzpah is not something of which one would normally accuse a person of sterling Wasp background (sarcasm!), but there is sufficient reason to make an exception.

According to the Berkeley Daily Planet Watchdog:
Quote: 'She made her name in Berkeley fighting every form of development and progress. As a member of the Landmarks Commission, in particular, she most vehemently fought against the building if a synagogue, Beth El. The Northern California Jewish Weekly, the "J" reported how she fought the synagogue in this way in its January 19, 2001 issue:
"Although the hearing proceeded, much of the time it was less than orderly. O'Malley continually interrupted, spoke over other commissioners and had to be told repeatedly by Edwards that she was out of order. She passed notes to commissioners who were not disqualified, made faces, shook her head and, at one point, left her seat, walked in front of the commissioners' table and got a speaker's card." '
End quote.

There are several very interesting links about Becky O'Malley and the Berkeley Daily Planet on the website of the Daily Planet Watchdog. It is a much more refreshing read than anything the Daily Planet has published in quite a while.
Please show your support of the exercise of first amendment rights by reading the articles on the website of the Daily Planet Watchdog


And, if you are so inclined, I encourage you to sign a petition calling Becky O'Malley and her henchmen to task:

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If you know of any other blog posts about the Berkeley daily Planet that are not mentioned here, feel free to cite them in the comments.

The Berkeley Daily Planet is distributed free (being actually an advertising sheet, albeit one with pretensions) and is worth every penny.
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Unknown said...

There needs to be more exploration of the phenomena of a certain type of people, who although with no personal connection to the Arab-Israeli conflict, and precious little knowledge, but who possese an irresistible compulsion to believe and repeat lies told about Israel, even to the exclusion of documented facts. Although they typically claim that they are only having issues with the policies of Israel's government,that doesn't explain the deep need to fabricate and then mindlessly accept terrible stories about Israel and NO other state. Could it be that they have a problem with Israel because it is a Jewish state, and all the other stuff is camoflauge for an un-pleasant fact which they may not even accept about their own racist attitudes?

Anonymous said...

If you know of any other blog posts about the Berkeley daily Planet that are not mentioned here, feel free to cite them in the comments.

And I will:
Do you know about this?

Berkeley Daily Planet Reporter Quits Over Paper’s "Lack of Journalistic Integrity"

Apaprently, this isn't just about "dem Jooes"

Berkeley Daily Planet reporter Judith Scherr abruptly resigned from the paper last week after a dispute with editor and owner, Becky O’Malley, over journalistic ethics.

“After 2.5 years of being insulted, berated and lied to by the Daily Planet’s executive editor – and having my stories distorted by the deletion of quotes from persons Becky O’Malley hates and the addition of her nasty remarks about such people – I have left the Planet,” Scherr said in an email she sent to friends last Thursday.