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During operation Cast Lead the Dutch state-sponsored news organization (NOS) featured reportage from Sander van Hoorn in Israel. Both Sander van der Hoorn and the NOS have a recognized anti-Israel bias.
Which at that time became blatantly obvious, as neither the NOS nor mister van Hoorn hesitated to demonstrate their true colours.

[NOS = Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (Dutch Broadcast Foundation).]

Please visit 'bad news from the Netherlands '(http://badnewsfromthenetherlands.blogspot.com/) for an interesting perspective on informing the public.

Many European news organizations are sodden with Israel haters (the British are notorious in that regard), and both articles and programming support their views. But the Dutch are no slouches either!

[Not only the NOS, but also newspapers like the Volkskrant, Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad, and several other Dutch publications, serve as frequent examples.]

Sander van Hoorn and his editors decided that the Dutch viewers did not need impartial and independent news, but required slant, bias, and propaganda.
To that end, they engaged in a pattern of omission, distortion and manipulation.

An English language report detailing what they did can be found here:

[This site: http://www.zionism-israel.com/israel_news/]

The original (in Dutch) is here:
There are several other interesting articles about biased and bigotted Dutch reportage on that page. Scroll down to 'Israels Gaza war in Dutch state-funded media NOS'.

[Israel Facts is an excellent website for facts about Israel and the Middle East in Dutch. One would wish that more Dutch reporters and editors would start reading here: http://www.israelfacts.eu/index.php , but perhaps their busy schedules do not permit much reading.]

Dutch anti-Semitism now thrives as never before. Those who rely on Dutch news sources are mal-educated and mis-informed and have been strengthened and encouraged in their bigotry.

The country that betrayed Anne Frank along with over a hundred thousand of fellow citizens during the dark days of World War II seems intent on making Jew-hatred part of its culture.

It's a way of life, I guess.

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PS. Indien er Nederlanders zijn die mijn woorden willen tegenspreken verzoek ik beleefd dat in het Engels te doen. Het merendeel der lezers hier is Engelstalig, begrijpt u wel, en dienovereenkomstig niet bemachtigd ene vloek-en-verdoemnis preek in uw taal te begrijpen, hoe schoon gij ook schrijft.

Bij voorbaat uiterst dank.


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