Thursday, September 6, 2018

Tell Hamas: Free Avera Mengistu

It is 4 years, this week that Avera Mengistu has been held captive by the Iranian funded terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza.    Avera is a mentally ill Israeli civilian.  Hamas refuses to allow visitation or contact with his family members.  His family has received no assurances that his condition is being medically managed.

Avera Mengistu, 30, is a Jewish Israeli who emigrated as a 5 year old from Ethiopia. He is one of 10 children.  Avera was exempt from serving in Israel's miltary because he struggles with schizophrenia. In September 2014, he was last seen approaching the Gaza border. It is widely believed he is currently in the custody of the Hamas terror group

The International Red Cross and Amnesty International  has met with Avera's family, who provided medication in hopes it could be transfered to Avera.  

From Ilan,  Avera Mengistu’s older brother.:
“Avera’s story is completely different ... He never held arms. He ended up there by mistake. He is mentally ill,” said Mengistu’s older brother, Ilan. “We know it’s complicated, we understand that, but at the end of the day, we are talking about an innocent man who is being held there against his will.”

Hamas has not released any information on Avera's condition.

The world was in uproar over a 17 year old Palestinian woman arrested for assaulting an Israeli soldier.  Their silence on Avera is  deafening.

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