Thursday, May 17, 2018

BDS attempts to manipulate Eurovision

Eurovision was never meant to be political, but it was politicized by those outraged that a pop artist from Israel should be allowed to participate. Having failed to get Netta Barzilai banned for her role in "supporting apartheid" by singing in the Naval choir, the Israel haters attempted to manipulate the poll results. Eurovision became a tool- not to promote music, or to experience cultural diversity, but to ensure Netta lost.

Orchestrated by Australian agoraphobe Sylvia Posadas, the BDS campaign failed.  Miserably.

Netta won.

From the fine folk at Divest this:

  ...Once BDS got into the act, spreading their bile throughout the Interwebs in hope that they could rally the world to vote down Netta – Israel’s ultimately successful entrant into this year’s Eurovision contest – suddenly Eurovision became something it wasn’t before: a global political referendum on the Jewish state’s place in the world. Keep in mind that this was not what Eurovision was created to be, nor were the performers – including Netta – interested in turning the event into a global vote for or against the their countries. 

 But by making votes against Netta a political act of condemnation, BDS simultaneously (if inadvertently) turned votes for her into a political act of support. 

Keeping with the BDS fail theme, as of today, Netta Barzilai's "Toy" is in the global top ten on I tunes

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