Monday, October 8, 2018

Anti-Semitism at UC Berkeley

Flyers blaming the Jewish people for sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Nominee  Brett Kavanaugh  were found  at UC Berkeley today.

From the Facebook page of Tikvah, Students for Israel:

Anti-Semitic flyers found on UC Berkeley campus near Eshleman Hall:

UC Berkeley’s tolerance of anti-Semitism preached from authoritative figures and lecturers like Hatem Bazian  shows Neo-Nazis that our campus allows for racism and enables them to publicly promote their Jewish conspiracies without challenge.

To be clear Nazi imagery on UC Berkeley’s campus is nothing new and has been an issue that Jewish students have been raising to the school administration since 2015. Despite repeated calls for action, the school has neglected to take serious measures to address this issue. Chancellor Christ, you have a serious problem…NOW is the time to take a stand. 

These repulsive anti-Semitic flyers have been appearing across the country, most recently at UC Davis

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