Thursday, January 18, 2018

Are anti-Israel groups attempting to hijacking Saturday's Women's march?

Anti-Israel groups may be attempting to hijack the Woman's March on Saturday.

In New York Cty,  Jewish Voice for Peace, Adalah-NY: Campaign for the Boycott of Israel, Jews Say No! and Women in Black-Union Square  are hosting a "FreeAhed" contingent, in support of the young Palestinian woman who called for stabbings and suicide operations against the Jewish, er Zionist people.

Interestingly enough, local activists every bit as committed to the destruction of Israel as Ahed choose not to repeat her message promoting terror and violence. 

 "Whether it is a stabbing attack or suicide bombing or throwing rocks, everyone needs to do something and unite in order for our message to reach those who want to liberate Palestine”

Instead they opted for a message that might be more easily digested by the masses.

We've seen this with Occupy, with Black Lives Matter, and with other movements for progressive change.  No matter what the issue, the parasitical Israel haters will always insist their cause be front and center.  

Legal Insurrection also covers this phenomenon in their post Anti-Israel activists attempt to hijack Women’s March – again

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Raychul said...

Notice how they darkened her skin and hair? They hate that she's white