Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hips Vibrating for Peace: Another BDS fail

The 9th annual international belly dance festival will be held on in January 16-19 2013  in Eilat, Israel. There are 4 days of parties, shows and workshops, and practitioners of this ancient art are flocking to Eilat from all over. And I mean all over.  Ignoring the so-called  “call to action” by “Palestinian civil society” are some of the most famous belly dance teachers in the world, traveling from Turkey, Egypt and Morocco. Over 950 dancers from 30 countries will  participate in world's biggest belly dancing festival

  From YNET:

Orit Maftsir, one of the festival's organizers and a world-renowned belly dancer, said there had been no cancellations on the part of foreign participants in spite of the recent Israeli operation in Gaza.

 The highlight of the event is the arrival of belly dancers and teachers from Arab countries, who are not afraid to come to Israel and vibrate their hips for peace.  

"Beyond the cultural relations the festival creates between the region's countries, it also helps strengthen relations between the people," says Roni Pivko, the managing director of the Club Hotel chain.  

What do you call it when hundreds of belly dancers flock to Israel from Jordan, Egypt ,Turkey and 30 different countries to "vibrate their hips for peace".  I call it a massive BDS fail.

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