Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Public Eye Awards. And The Winner Is....

Its time for the Public Eye  awards- a naming and shaming event to publicize the worst of the worst- corporations that destroy our environment and mistreat their workers. The Public Eye was organized as a counter-event to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

Its down to six finalists.

London based Lonmin is on the short list. They rose to notority last August, 2012, when over 100 striking Lonmin employees were gunned down- 36 killed, 78 wounded by the South African Police Service. That’s pretty shocking. Maybe even evil.

Shell oil is in the lead- not surprising. They've got name recognition, after all, and a huge record of abusing their workers and the environment.
From their nomination:

Shell is drilling in the ice-bound seas of the Alaskan Arctic. The company also strip mines the boreal forest to access the Canadian tar sands. It operates the world’s deepest oil platform over a mile and half deep in the Gulf of Mexico. It spills in the Niger Delta. When it comes to controversial, risky and polluting forms of oil, Shell is always there.

Contributing to global warming, destroying aboriginal areas…what could be worse?

Apparently, doing business in Israel.

The Israel is always wrong squad is so short sighted, so self righteous in their misguided belief that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is at the root of all evil in the world, that they are obsessively pushing people  to vote for a little known company G4S- that has the audacity to sell supplies and equipment for Israeli security. You can imagine their warped thinking: "Screw global warning. Screw Striking miners. Pay attention to us. To our cause. Its all that matters for rainbows and lollipops and sunshine to prevail in our world"

And so, the emails are sent every day now. It might be a signs of increasing desperation, perhaps, or maybe its just another manifestation of the unbridled narcissism of the anti-Israel cru. Its been promoted by Mondoweiss. By the Electronic Intifada. Its being pushed on social media- its got its own facebook page.

The message: Selling goods and services to the tiny Jewish state is a greater evil than destroying the Arctic. Than gunning down striking workers

"Israel's use of detention is made possible by the support of G4S, a private security company that provides equipment and services to prisons at which Israel detains Palestinian political prisoners without charge and subjects them to torture and ill-treatment.

G4S has been nominated for the infamous ‘Worst Company of the Year’ Public Eye People’s Award. Please take action now in support of Palestinian political prisoners by casting your vote and sharing the link to the voting page widely. Once on the Public Eye voting website click on the ‘Vote Now’ button to cast your vote. It only takes seconds to vote and no registration is required.

Voting closes on January 23 and the winner will be announced at a counter summit at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Let’s embarrass G4S for its support for Israeli Apartheid at one of the most important corporate events of the year! "

Presented for your information, yet another example of the rabid narcissism and misguided activism of the "I hate Israel' cru.

Now excuse me for a moment while I place my vote for Shell .  Feel free to join me.

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