Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pay Attention to me! Pay Attention to ME! The BDS'ers get increasingly more desperate

The-Israel haters , having failed to get their message across though protests, vandalizing Israeli foods and harassing shoppers , are trying increasingly more bizarre tactics. The St. Louis Palestine Solidarity group is desperately trying to put together a flash mob to protest Motorola. As of today, a mere 8 people are attending, illustrating the organization’s failure at creating either “flash” or “mob” .

Their announcement:

Who's interested in being part of a flash mob? We will be meeting to learn dance moves for a December flash mob that is part of a coordinated effort to help bring awareness boycotting Motorola products.
Even if you can't dance, we will have other roles for people to assist with. However, we are desperately seeking dancers...or at least people who can move in some sort of simultaneous pre-organized and coordinated motions.
Please try to attend the Sunday November 28 Information/Rehearsal meeting at 3pm at the World Community Center (438 Skinker Blvd).

Its interesting that the BDS'ers will try and do anything, just anything to advance their cause, except of course open dialog, legitimate discourse and free debate.

The Motorola boycott , like many BDS ventures is failing, big time. The BDR'ers were apparently unable to convince the IHH terrorists on the Mavi Marmara to boycott Motorola. Each squad of mercenaries was equipped with a Motorola communication device so they could pass information to one another.


Anonymous said...

Anyone planning to boycott companies for the genocide of Christians or do they matter less?

Boycotting punishes everyone, including the innocent.

Why not invest? A bit more hard work, but then again, changing the world isn't about feeling better, it's about doing something.

Anonymous said...

Success! We know there are trolls like you looking to sabatoge. I guess instead of singing and dancing you prefer killing, stealing land, and demolishing homes. You don't want ANY type of resistance, so you'll vilify anyone who calls Israel out on its atrocities.

Anonymous said...

What atrocities? Could you please be more specific? Any buses, pizza parlours, restaurants? What on earth are you talking about?

BRE said...

Hey, guess what? BDS is growing and you can't stop it. POWER WITH THE PEOPLE! The fact that you have to ridicule us only makes me believe we're annoying you, in the least. Thanks for showing us we're doing the right thing. The more you oppose us, the stronger we are. FREE PALESTINE!

Dusty said...

BDS has been failing for over ten years. The Israeli economy is booming, and its growth is fueled by exports!

As to ridicule, if the shoe fits....

From Saul Alinsky "Rules for radicals: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule."

And, truth be told, you are ridiculous.