Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jeff Prager's Lies and Damned Lies

Jeff Prager of Minnesota, a certified (and certifiable) Israel hater with way too much time on his hands, spent hours this week attempting to manipulate a World Jewish Congress opinion poll. After 1,700 clicks, he posted the results on his facebook page, declaring unequivocally that the World Jewish Congress™ CONFIRMS American Public Opinion is AGAINST Israel.

Little Jeffy declared:

"Breaking News! Special Polls conducted by the venerable World Jewish Congress™ established in 1936 certify that American Public Opinion is squarely against Israeli policy. These Polls, certified by the World Jewish Congress™ leave no room for doubt folks. We should cease and desist from further support both militarily and financially provided through our tax dollars for the State of Israel immediately, if not sooner. These polls are available at the World Jewish Congress™ web site at the link below and the screen shots below prove beyond a shadow of a doubt it's time to release the leach."

The children from Jeffy's pre-school immediately jumped on the bandwagon, giggling back and forth to each other. Jeffy helpfully offered tips on furthering the fraud

Jeff Prager
Certified World Jewish Congress™ Poll results don't lie!
Wed at 7:39pm

Betty Molchany
Jeff, I was thinking about you on the long way home from work elsewhere. I enjoyed all your messages, especially on these polls. How did the numbers get this way? You are a miracle worker. :-)
Wed at 10:04pm

Jeff Prager
A bazillion little clicks from Minneapolis.
Wed at 10:06pm

Jeff Prager
Some of the numbers are even higher now.

When I first started it took 2-3 clicks to move a percentage point. Now it takes 50-80 clicks. They won't soon move down again, I'm monitoring them hourly.
Wed at 10:07pm

El Duce
I will have to start clicking on that poll, I am openly against Israel, and there conquest towards genocide.
Wed at 10:36pm

Betty Molchany
Jeff, I posted a link to your comments. You are my buddy. And am I glad.
Wed at 10:36pm

Jeff Prager
If anyone is interested in clicking, please choose questions that I haven't listed above. I'm monitoring the above questions and haven't got the time to tackle them all so I chose the ones most important to me. There are a dozen or so polls though.

By the way, all you have to do is click the "vote" button and use the "back" button on your browser and click the "vote" button again, you don't even have to check the question box, it remains checked. It's fun while it lasts, which won't be forever.
Wed at 10:53pm

Amjad Doumani
Just voted Israel down on all counts.
Wed at 11:13pm

Alaqsamassacre Eighttenninety
Right ON !
Yesterday at 4:44am

Jeff Prager
AMAZING what certified polls will say about public opinion!
Yesterday at 5:05am

Robert Hand
I believe. I DO believe. Alleluia, I do believe.
Yesterday at 10:01am

Here's when it starts getting interesting. Although Jeff Prager and company readily admitted their fraud, they seem genuinely confused when the World Jewish Congress invalidated the 1,700 clicks from Jeffy's computer . Filled with self righteous indignation, they condemn the "Zionists" for invalidating their fraud.

Peter K. Vickers
The polls have been stuffed or changed arbitrarily from when you lifted these screen shots. The tragic and misguided comments after the poll I took this morning just strengthen my resolve. Zionism is a racist ideology and one that poses an existential threat to all human beings and the future of the human species, and global and Israeli Zionists are the most dangerous, arrogant, delusional people on the planet and MUST be brought to heel.
Yesterday at 11:28am

Peter K. Vickers
I posted most of my comment above after the poll, but it was not posted. I do not think we should be drawing attention to these polls as the Zionistas have legions of people with the time to load the results in their favour, and many Sheeple believe such polls reflect real public opinion.
Yesterday at 11:39am

Mary Shepard
I posted a comment here earlier but it seems to have disappeared.

Beware of these informal polls which can be so easily doctored. Their results mean nothing, unfortunately.
Yesterday at 11:44am

Betty Molchany
I just checked ant the poll count is greater than ever in favor of the Zionists. And they never posted my comments that I could see.
Yesterday at 11:53am

Peter K. Vickers
Time to take down this note and move on I think. What say you Jeff?
Yesterday at 12:00pm

Mary Shepard
A lot of anti-Islam comments on that website.
Yesterday at 12:06pm

Jeff Prager
I don't think it's time to take this post down but perhaps it might be time to pursue the issue of fixed public opinion polls further, would anyone agree?
Yesterday at 12:51pm

Crystal Gaza Robert
My comment didn't show and I agree with Peter!
Yesterday at 1:07pm

Mary Shepard
I second that!
Yesterday at 1:12pm

Jeff Prager
It's a bit scary but this is something that needs to be pursued simply from a moral perspective. The World Jewish Congress holds significant sway over public opinion and if that public opinion is contrived it's called fraud.
Yesterday at 1:17pm

Betty Molchany
I think the poll and Jeff's reports on it are evidence of manipulation by the WJC. Yes, we did it as well, but Jeff's actions were not to mislead but to test his assumptions about the site and especially because our comments weren't being posted. I would not remove this evidence.
Yesterday at 1:29pm

Peter K. Vickers
But Jeff you are assuming that the Sheeple can discern the difference or that they even care.
Yesterday at 1:31pm

Jeff Prager
I'm not assuming anyone cares because few do. BUT, I care and that means I have a responsibility whether anyone else cares or not. If I were the ONLY person that cared it would be no different. And sometimes it feels like I am. That doesn't prevent me from having an all-consuming desire for truth.
Yesterday at 2:08pm

Peter K. Vickers
Agreed. I just don't know whether this is helpful in our struggle against Zionist Israel.
Yesterday at 2:19pm

Mike Vail
There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.
Mark Twain, attributed to Benjamin Disraeli
3 hours ago

Jeff Prager
True, and the World Jewish Congress manufactures wonderful statistics.
about an hour ago

Mike Vail
>>> do you honestly believe AIPAC and the WJC to be above reproach on everything they say and do, just because they're Jewish organizations? That's what I call racism.
about an hour ago

Jeff Prager
Mike, I would expect that the World Jewish Congress might conflate the statistics. What I wouldn't expect is that they would do it in such an easily discoverable way. It's not racism. It's the exposure of stupidity.
about an hour ago

Jeff Prager actually says " The World Jewish Congress holds significant sway over public opinion and if that public opinion is contrived it's called fraud."
Why yes, it is, Jeffy. Yes it is. And 1,700 clicks from the computer in your Mommys basement in an effort to manipulate a poll is precisely that. Perhaps Jeff, if you had truth and history on your side, you wouldn't have the need to lie and manipulate. And perhaps, Jeff, if you had a life, with real friends and real activities, you wouldn't be hunched over the tiny blue screen of Mom's computer for hours on end. Yes, the same Jeff Prager who claims he has "an all-consuming desire for truth." has no trouble lying, cheating and manipulating opinions to further his agenda. Can you say "Hypocrite" children? I think you can.

Michael Thaidigsmann of the World Jewish Congress found Jeff's manipulation of little consequence and briefly stated:

"We had indeed a manipulation attempt for the poll and received 1,700 votes from one person somewhere in the US. This has been fixed now and that poll can only be voted in once per computer."


Unknown said...

That the World Jewish Congress tries to maintain an internet poll that can obviously be manipulated in either direction is a farce. Every internet poll I've ever taken can only be voted on ONCE.

My tax dollars, somewhere between 3 and 10 billion of them depending upon where you access information and what you add into the calculations; loans, grants, gifts and military and economic aid, is given by the United States to Israel each and every year.

These issues are therefore of great importance to me and being born and raised a Jew I felt the World Jewish Congress would be a good place to make my positions known to fellow Jews and people of all nationalities and religions. I thought the World Jewish Congress would be a morally sound and objective web site promoting Jewish public opinion accurately. This has nothing to do with what my own personal opinions are.

On Wednesday, April 15th, I went to their web site and had a look around. It’s a professional web site in every aspect so I left several comments in several places. I also decided to vote on several public opinion polls, wanting my voice to count as one in a sea of many.

The lack of morality, desperation and outright fraud that I encountered are entirely disturbing to me and actually provoke outrage and utter disappointment so I’ve decided to outline my experience below.

I have participated in my fair share of public opinion polls on numerous web sites across the internet from the New York Times to obscure and unheard of web sites and everything in between. As I said, I want my voice heard even in a sea of many and it does count after all, unless the polls are a complete fraud in which case my voice loses any meaning at all. My vote is worthless and my opinion abrogated with immediacy.

In most past instances when voting on an internet poll I’ve “clicked” my vote and have been promptly redirected to a “Thank You For Voting Page” with varying types of secondary redirections back to the poll I voted on to observe the results. In all cases I’ve been unable to vote twice and have made it a personal undertaking to test this aspect of internet polls to determine their accuracy and validity, their candor and honesty. What’s the point of voting in a rigged poll? In today’s world one can never be too careful.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the World Jewish Congress never assumed anti-Israel forces would attempt to manipulate poll results, until they detected 1,700 votes from a single Minnesota
computer. It was naive of them to make that assumption, and they've adjusted the system.
In general, on line polls and petitons are useless and are scientifically invalid. They exist solely to draw traffic to a site (which increases the site's visibility and n turn, enhances the Google ranking)

Anonymous said...

Re: US Aid to Israel.

Under the 2010 U.S. budget, about $75 billion, $65 billion and $3.25 billion will be spent on military operations and aid in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan during this fiscal year, respectively. Israel will receive $3 billion, in military aid only. There is no economic aid to Israel, other than loan guarantees that continue to be repaid in full and on time...

First, it’s important to remember that about 70 percent of the $3 billion aid must be used by Israel to purchase American military equipment. This provides real support for U.S. high- tech defense jobs and contributes to maintaining our industrial base. This helps the U.S. stay at the very top in the manufacturing of our own cutting-edge military munitions, aircraft, vehicles, missiles and virtually every defensive and offensive weapon in the U.S. arsenal -- with the added contribution of Israel’s renowned technical know-how.

Second, the U.S. and Israel are jointly developing state- of-the-art missile defense capabilities in the David’s Sling and Arrow 3 systems. These two technologies build on the already successful Arrow 2, jointly developed by our two countries, which is already providing missile defense security to Israel and U.S. civilians and ground troops throughout the region. The knowledge the U.S. gains from these efforts also has a positive multiplier effect on applications to other U.S. military and non-military uses and U.S. jobs.

Third, given Israel’s strategic location on the Mediterranean, with access to the Red Sea and other vital international shipping and military lanes of commerce and traffic, it is critically important to the U.S. that Israel continues to serve as a port of call for our troops, ships, aircraft and intelligence operations.

Israel also has permitted the U.S. to stockpile arms, fuel, munitions and other supplies on its soil to be accessed whenever America needs them in the region.

Fourth, America’s special relationship with Israel provides the U.S. with real-time, minute-to-minute access to one of the best intelligence services in the world: Israel’s. With Israeli agents gathering intelligence and taking action throughout the Middle East and, literally, around the world, regarding al- Qaeda, Hezbollah, Iran and Hamas, among others, the U.S. receives invaluable information about anti-U.S. and terrorist organizations and regimes.

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

There's an old joke defining "Chtzpah" as a man who kills both hs parents, then begs the court for mercy because he is an orphan.

This incident is a classic example of "chutzpah"- a group of haters were caught trying to stuff ballots, and then condemned the World Jewish Congress for creating a poll that was easy to manipulate.

The anti-Israel forces appear to have no moral contraints whatsoever.

The back of the hill said...

Hmmm, just for that, I think I'll send another donation to all the right causes.

It will be from my tax refund.
That's probably appropriate, eh?

Aipac. Chabad. Several organizations in the Shomron.
The usual tree-planting.
Mogen Dovid Adom.

Anybody got any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Gatsamenoe, wat is die Prage een stuk treife!

Net als die verrotte Duisenberg en haar butt-monkey Harry van Bommel.

Om maar niet over Anja Meulenbelt te spreken...

Are there any more anti-Semites in Minnesota, or is he just a dsyfunctional exception?

Anonymous said...

Jeff Prager is a clear idiot- in his dying little blog he writes "Qassams Are Road Flares".

Yeah, Jeff. "Road flares" that just happen to kill people

Unknown said...

No, Kassam's don't kill people. Israeli military kills people EVERY DAY and you're committing international suicide EVERT TIME you kill a Palestinian and EVERY TIME you steal more land. You people are sick, sociopaths.

Morgan said...

Jeff Prager,

Seriously, self-defense is sick? Have you had your head checked lately? You and your type are worse than Ahmedinejad. You are a poison on the face of the planet, and people like you are responsible for the violence in the world. How on earth can you live with yourself?

Don't answer. I know too much about your life already.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Prager: No, Kassam's don't kill people.

And you'd be wrong:

Tiferet Tratner, 24, of Neve Dekalim, was killed in her home by a Qassam September 29, 2004
Yuval Abebeh, 4, and Dorit Benisian, 2, were killed by a Qassam rocket (one of three) fired from Gaza into Sderot.

October 28, 2004 Michael Chizik, 21 was killed by a Qassam

January 5, 2005 Nissim Arbiv, 26, of Nissanit, was severely injured by a mortar shell in the Erez industrial zone. He died from his injuries ten days later
January 15, 2005 A Qassam rocket attack on Sderot left Ayala Abukasis, 17, brain dead. She died on January 21.

June 7, 2005 Two Palestinian workers, Salah Ayash Imran, 57, Muhammed Mahmoud Jaroun, and a foreign worker Bi Shude, 46, were killed, and five other workers were wounded, when a Qassam rocket hit a packing shed in Ganei Tal.

July 14, 2005 Dana Galkowicz, 22, was killed in a Qassam attack in the Kibbutz Netiv Ha'asara
Jitladda Tap-arsa, 20, a female Thai national, was killed by a Qassam

The list goes on.....

Unknown said...

Michael Thaidigsmann of the World Jewish Congress found Jeff's manipulation of little consequence and briefly stated:

"We had indeed a manipulation attempt for the poll and received 1,700 votes from one person somewhere in the US. This has been fixed now and that poll can only be voted in once per computer."

LIES. I just checked the polls from another computer and they can be voted on OVER and OVER again so that all your Zionist friends can spend their time manipulating them.

I think EVERYONE needs to INVESTIGATE the TRUTH. Start by reading everything here:

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jeffy! you are a holocaust denier! Just when I thought you couldn't get any lower....

Anonymous said...

So Jeffy- did you ever pay up that mortgage or are you going to end up homeless again?

If worse comes to worse, you can always snuggle up with the healing blue rays of your computer for warmth and companionship.

Anonymous said...

Could the Betty Molchany cheerleading Jeff Prager's fraud be the same one who acts as Legal Counsel to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee?

She's a regular contributor to Rense....

She's very special that way....

Unknown said...

Actually I don't need to pay my mortgage, I'm suing Dusty here in Minneapolis Federal Court for Libel and copyright infringement based on this web page and since I'm indigent it isn't costing me a dime. Besides, Dusty will be paying the fees along with a nice award for me after a year or so of litigation, something I'm quite good at.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should just learn to use the new facebook privacy settings

Unknown said...

Privacy settings? To hide from what? Dusty Katz? I don't think so. Perhaps some of the people here would like to comment on my post about the Holocaust?

I spent 12 weeks using Soviet and German Archives, Trial Testimony, Forensic Data, Eye Witness Accounts, Census Data and even the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum web site!

All mainstream web sites! And guess what? 6 million Jews weren't systematically executed. Several million did die, perhaps, depending upon what evidence you choose to believe, but what we're taught about the Holocaust, that 6 million Jews were systematically executed is a lie. Purely a lie.

Anonymous said...

I'm relieved to see that no one will dignify this person with a response or debate. Its also ok to hit the delete button, moderator.

milev2000 said...

Did you know that Jeff Prager is an Ashkenazi Jew? He says he's a seeker of truth but he is a teller of lies. He claims the holocaust never happened and uses Neo-Nazi sites as References to back up his claims. Jeff Prager manipulated the poll just like his manipulting the conversation here, Jeff Prager is dakota1955 and I'm guessing his jeff as well.

Faisal said...

u guys still believe the myth??

eeeeeh, when are u all gonnna grow up.

i guess, that'll be the day when u stop killing innocents, and trying to play God.

while doing that, do remember, David got rid of Goliath against all odds. who do u think u are against the palestinians??

even with their qassams, u are still too high tech. goliath perhaps of the modern era??

The back of the hill said...


Please learn proper spelling and capitalization. You look like an illiterate.

Faisal said...

so when u can't reply to what i said, u point out the puncuation problems.


typical mentality of land grabbers.

do take the time to think how long did the "holocaust" last. and how long since u started oppressing the palestinians.

The back of the hill said...

Faisal, my dear illiterate friend,

The holocaust delayed the rebirth of a Jewish state, it did not cause it - as King Hussein of Jordan acknowledged. Have you considered how long Jews have lived in the Middle-East? And how recent any of the national boundaries in that region actually are?
Technically, the Ottomans were the last land grabbers..... though a very good argument can be made that the Arabs, who dispossessed the Jews living in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere in the region (often LONGER than those places had even been Arab), were also "grabbers".
Certainly those 'Arabs' were robbers, murderers, thieves, brigands, rapists, sadists, and tyrants. The history of Jews being expelled from 'Arab' lands is the history of blood, torture, mayhem, and flagrantly disgusting 'Arab' opportunism.

Palestinians oppressed? Arabs are citizens in Israel. That 'Palestinians' are NOT citizens in the Arab countries where so many of them have been born is oppression.

When are you going to extend the same rights to your brothers? When are you going to permit them to leave the camps in Lebanon and Jordan? When will you allow them to vote?

The Jews who fled to Israel from the murderous pogroms unleashed upon them in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere in the Arab world came with nothing, yet have rebuilt their lives and created a vibrant society. When will you allow the descendants of "Palestinians" to do the same in Beirut?

Now, calling me a landgrabber is rather amusing. I do not have any land. And I live in the United States - where my family settled in the seventeenth century.
By which I wish to clarify that I do not live in Israel or anywhere else in the former Ottoman Empire - so unlike the wasteland brigands who have 'created' Arab states since the fall of the Devlet-e Osman, I am by no means a 'landgrabber'. You, however, are possibly chalebiyi.

Again, please capitalize, and use correct spelling. It makes your thoughts appear clearer and more well thought out. Which, I'm sure, is an impression that you would wish to leave with other readers.

Dusty said...

Jeff, an examination of our useage statistics shows you visit this site sometime ten times a week. You just love seeing your name in print, don't you?

Anonymous said...

fuck isreal!!! free palestine!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, anonymous. Free Palestine with every purchase.

Talmudic noodge said...

I think what anonymous at 11:06 AM meant was 'have sex with Israel'.
This is borne out by his recommendation that Palestine should be free - free to have sex with whosoever they choose, which is a right currently denied them by their own repressive society and culture.

It is of course well-known that in Israel it is both legal and not life-threatening to have carnal relations of your own free will.

The back of the hill said...

Are you sure it isn’t a travel advisory?

Anonymous said...

How about Free palestine with purchase of a Palestine of greater or equal value?

Abdoul Eslamdunk said...

Collect the entire set!

Unknown said...

Israel is a terrorist state. They attacked the USS Liberty, sent a Popeye Missile into the USS Cole and had a hand in 911. A state started by terrorists and still using global terrorism and extrajudicial assassinations. Someday they'll have to answer for their cruelty.

Medea Benjamin said...

Tayere Dakota 1955,

Better demonstration than that comment that you are a hatefilled spam monkey, gibberingly insane to boot, could scarce be imagined.

Have you considered therapy?

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that these comments about Jeff continue, his Facebook page is an awesome clearing house of great info. And sorry, but he is another literate critic of Israel who happens to be a Jew, so stop dropping the anti-Semite card on him, its ridiculous ok?

Furthermore, the ultimate issue is not whether 'Israel has a right to exist', it certainly exists, and by that the right is implied. What is at principal issue here is that Israelis commit atrocities upon the Palestinians with equal zeal as any Muslim extremist, and, while committing this hypocrisy, they present to the world that they possess a superior moral compass than anywhere else in the Middle East. This is patently false given the documentation of abuses.

Attending this is the fact that IDF commits constant criminal acts in the West Bank which include, kidnapping of minors, civilian shootings and beatings, and human trafficking. Israel has been rated in the top 5 human trafficking nations in the world because of its dragging feet in cases of kidnapped women forced into prostitution.

Like many other nations, Israel has human rights issues which should be dealt with on an international scope, in very similar fashion, in my opinion, to the way the UN is now intervening in Sudan to create a separate state for the oppressed people there. Unlike other nations, Israel is held exempt from international law and sanctions from international law, and has considerable power to manipulate media perception and even legal proceedings.

Human rights abuses should be addressed with full equality upon all nations. It simply isn't happening in the case of Israel and Palestine.

Ted Lessing said...

"And sorry, but he is another literate critic of Israel who happens to be a Jew, so stop dropping the anti-Semite card on him, its ridiculous ok?
Some of the worst anti-Semites in existence are Jews. What's your point?

"Israelis commit atrocities upon the Palestinians with equal zeal as any Muslim extremist"
Patently false. But you undoubtedly wish that it were so. It would suit your preconceptions nicely.

"Like many other nations, Israel has human rights issues which should be dealt with on an international scope, in very similar fashion, in my opinion, to the way the UN is now intervening in Sudan"
The United Nations cannot be trusted, and has a horrible record when it comes to almost all issues with which it has become politically involved. The issues it stays away from (most of the human rights issues in the Arab world, Africa, the ex-communist world, Cuba, Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan, China, and North-Korea are telling. Abundant proof that the UN, as a group, is neither unbiased nor morally fibrous. It is in fact precisely because of UN ineffectiveness and pusillanimity that the Palestinians have never been allowed citizenship in their countries of birth - that being the surrounding countries, where their relatives lived, and to which their parents and grandparents went when the Arab armies asked them to leave so that they could slaughter the Jews.

By the way, I suspect that you in fact are Jeff Prager.
Thank you for dropping by.

Dusty said...

"Human rights abuses should be addressed with full equality upon all nations. It simply isn't happening in the case of Israel and Palestine. "

Its isn't. Faced with a United Nations dominated by dictatorships and theocracies, seeking to cover up their own abuses, Israel, the state of the Jewish people bears the lions share of the criticism in the world.

Lets look at Syria. Nearly 2,000 are dead in 3 months. Thousands are MISSING. And all at the hands of their OWN government And the world is silent.

Anonymous said...

Even a stopped clock is correct twice per day...

Jeff Prager's views could be incorrect (or not) on everything else; that still does not make him wrong about the fact that ""Ground Zero"" WAS a thermonuclear event! (NO conventional energy source or weaponry can account for the highly UNconventional GZ damages... see 911 University for more info)

Perhaps many Israel-huggers so strongly dislike, and thus cannot accept, the fact that the highly-unconventional GZ evidence could not possibly have been caused by airliners, and thus could not possibly have been caused by purported 'hijackers' -- Muslim or otherwise! (Which means that We The People can/should/must rule out, as false, the official hijacker-blaming government/media conspiracy theory of 9/11! BTW, do any of you good people remember how well it worked out, in Germany 80 years ago, when that government and mass media told everybody whom it was not just socially acceptable but expected to mass-hate and blame...? ...and how it subsequently seemed to make sense to the otherwise-good, lied-to German people to go militarily marauding around the world, invading sovereign nations, starting wars -- the Mother of all war crimes, all in the name of protecting and defending the Fatherland? So, please tell me, how is "Homeland" anything more or less than a gender-neutral form of "Fatherland" brand marketing???)

Or perhaps devout supporters/boosters/minions of Israel do not like, and thus pathologically cannot accept, the short list of entities ruled in by an honest assessment of the ""Ground Zero"" evidence...

There is nothing better than ancient religions for keeping alive ancient hatreds! And HATE is THE DISEASE...

The modern dogma of 9/11 has most of those who formerly lived in "the land of the free and the home of the brave" now living in a stinking paranoid fearful "homeland", too afraid of "flying monkeys" to pay any attention to the men behind the curtains or the hijacker-exculpatory 9/11 evidence...

Anonymous said...

The Assad family are Jews - I got that info from the Israeli Jewish Times! He even has a Jewess slag as a mistress!

So Jews Cameron, Hollande/Sarkovsy, Merkel etc well 'shit stirred' in US by Jew Senator Kerry, interveined by crypto-jew Russian Putin, have wars against each other wasting thousands of Christian/Muslim soldier lives, because they both have Jesus in their respective Bibles/Korans.
Jew/Satanist elite zionist crony capitalist/industrialists make Trillians $$$£££ out of resupply of arms and plunging respective country's taxpayers (which they parasite off) under further usury debt burdens!

Jew lucky cash number given at Bar Mitzvah etc = 18

The jew bankers crash the UK economy every 18 years!

Some know how you are manipulating us - you aint got much longer!

You don't fool some of us no more!