Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mahmoud Abbas nags Obama

Once again the Associated Press has shown its biases, catering to the Europeans and Arabs.
In an article entitled "Abbas calls on Obama to impose Mideast peace deal", Karin Laub gives a platform for Mahmoud Abbas to vent and spew, lecturing president Obama on what Abbas feels the president should do.

It is a stellar example of Arab bombast.

"Since you, Mr. President and you, the members of the American administration, believe in this, it is your duty to call for the steps in order to reach the solution and impose the solution -- impose it"


To what effect is this rhetoric? Does Abbas intend to adhere to any peace deal? Has Abbas EVER shown an intent to abide by the terms of such an agreement?
Would Abbas survive for even one minute if he, exceptionally, announced that intent?

The Palestinian Authority, of which he is the head, and the PLO, of which he is one of the contending and contentious warlords, continue to glorify violence, encourage discord, and rob their cause's koffers of the funds so generously and naively contributed by Europe and the United States.
The Europeans and Americans, in return, continue to believe that so ineffective a leader of so venal and unreliable a concatenatus will pave the road to peace - and turn their eyes grateful blind to the misdeeds of a man whose sole claim to fame is the planning of the Munich massacre in 1972.

In the matter of peace, surely one should doubt both his sincerity and his commitment.
It might be fatal not to.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called on President Barack Obama on Saturday to impose a Mideast peace deal, reflecting growing frustration with what Palestinians see as Washington's failure to wrangle concessions out of Israel's hardline government.
End quote.

It is obvious that Abbas either thinks that such will be impossible - and by demanding it of the Americans he himself is absolved of all effort and all blame when peace remains a chimera - OR he sincerely believes that the American President is a no friend to the Jewish State.

The latter is not entirely likely - Abbas is a realist and a professional cynic.

Abbas says there's no point in holding talks as long as Israel keeps building settlements on Palestinian-claimed land and refuses to discuss the fate of east Jerusalem, the sector of the city Palestinians claim as a future capital.
End quote.

By which he advertises that he will disregard any and all possibilities of peace and Palestinian statehood if the extremist demands of the Arabs are not met. They want Jerusalem, and they want NO Jewish state.

The Palestinians say they won't engage unless Israel promises not to start new housing projects in east Jerusalem.
End quote.

Cities are always in motion. Both construction and deconstruction are constant processes in the daily life of a city. And it is natural that the capitol city of a nation should build and be rebuilt. The demand that the Israelis cease doing so in the city that has been theirs for over three millennia is tantamount to denying their right to their city and their homeland.
It is, in fact, a declaration of war, albeit one not coupled with outright violence.

Israelis and Palestinians have negotiated for nearly two decades, with the U.S. acting as a broker. The outlines of a deal were sketched out a decade ago, by then-U.S. President Bill Clinton, but the two sides never came close to a final agreement.
End quote.

That negotiations have continued so long is a testament to the optimism and good faith of the Israelis in the face of constant treachery by the Palestinians and sabotage by the other Arabs.
As so many Israeli politicians have regretfully concluded, there is no partner on the Arab side. The Arabs talk peace while making demands, then talk war when their bluster proves ineffective. Neither the Arab nation, nor the Muslim Umma, is in any way inclined to acknowledge that their past conquests and landrapes fail to justify continued and future conquests and landrapes.

Until the Palestinians grow up, and throw off the yoke of feudalism, and more importantly shed the meddlesome influence of the other Arabs, there can be little real chance of peace.
Which is precisely what Abbas so clearly states by his demand that Israel yield her capitol, and that America force a final solution on the Jews.

By not committing, the Arab world betrays its fundamental cowardice.

I am grateful to Karin Laub and the Associated Press for reporting with a straight face; they have revealed their inherent biases against Israel, and their intellectual and progressive predisposition in favor of the Arabs.

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