Monday, February 1, 2010


For a long time the Berkeley Daily Planet has had an agenda that can best be categorized as 'fashionably anti-Semitic'. This is in keeping with much of the Berkeley welt-anschauung, and so cannot be considered either daringly different or deliberately provocative. Anti-Semitism in Berkeley is a stolidly middle-class phenomenon.

The distaste for Jews in Berkeley is reassuringly boring, bourgeois, and supportive of the status-quo.

Consequently, businesses that advertise in the Berkeley Daily Planet (published weekly) do so secure in the knowledge that their funding of Becky O'Malley's racist rag will in no way offend their customer-base. Purchasing ad-space in the Berkeley Daily Planet is a savvy business move and attracts precisely the clientele to which they wish to cater.

Ethical people will not want to patronize the following businesses:

Black Oak Books
2618 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, 94710, Tel. 510-486-0698.
Berkeley Self Storage
2235 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley Tel. 510-843-1400.
Johnson Medical Inc.
2801 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, 510-843-2488.
The Luggage Center
2221 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, 94704, Tel. 510-843-3385.
9024 The Alameda, Berkeley, Tel. 510-524-3220.


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Even a passing examination of the facts will make it obvious that the Berkeley Daily Planet and its readers aspire to an almost Faustian creepiness.

Berkeley, once a forward looking bastion of liberal values, has become a cramped and stunted parody of itself; a place where free-speech is permitted provided it is au-courant, hip, and above all politically approved, where dissent is applauded only if it is comfortingly orthodox.
The Berkeley Daily Planet caters to an audience that is hopelessly addicted to their own self-gratificatory fantasies.

In the past, similar publications would be sold under the counter.

Nowadays masturbatory material like the Berkeley Daily Planet is unabashedly sponsored by the venal salesmen of a passé bohemia.


Anonymous said...

The distaste of Jews in Berkeley is reassuringly boring, bourgeois, and supportive of the status-quo.

Not only in Berkeley, also in Emryville - home of that paragon of the modern virtues Rob Kanter.

Anonymous said...

Ding Dong, the Witch is dead

The Daily Planet announced today that it is ceasing print operations, effective February 25It will apparently continue on, at least for a while, as some kind of online echo chamber for Marxist and jihadi opinion, devoid of reportage.

We mourn its loss. A good local paper could have been a great civic asset. Regrettably, Daily Planet Executive Editor and Owner, Becky O’Malley, could never bring herself to represent the public good. Instead, she insisted on using her newspaper for the relentless dissemination of hatred and misinformation, enslaving it to her bitter prejudices and personal vendettas.