Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just in Time for Tu B'Shevat: Buy Israeli Clementines at Costco!

The goofy "boycott Israel" folks are at it again. Code Pink, the goofiest of the lot recently took credit for Costco's decision to stop carrying their Christmas displays of Ahava skincare products from Israel. Code Pink didn't seem to think the fact that the holiday gift-giving season was over might have something to do with it. Instead, they credited their own ability to pester and annoy with this "victory"

Clearly the post-Christmas deshelving of Ahava products was no more a political statement than the post-Pesach deshelving of Holyland matzah. Because now, Costco is selling Israeli Clemantines, tiny sweet juicy seedless tangerines- great for lunchboxes or as healthy snacks.
And yes, the usual parties are going crazy....

The haters helpfully suggest we call 425-313-8100 and speak with Mark DeCosta in produce. Please do, and thank him for carrying Israeli produce.


Anonymous said...

Help fight the Boycott by Joining and inviting your friends to join this group protesting any Boycott of Israeli Goods.

Anonymous said...

Wow. the boycott is doing more for the Israeli economy than we could possibly hope for!

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Eryrcoedengoch said...

I dunno. Costco has already done some things that lead me to believe they are going anti-Semitic. They've stopped selling Kosher brands in the food court (Hebrew National or Sinai 48 were featured, depending on the store) and they're no longer selling Noah's Bagels in the bakery section and the ones they are selling are loaded up with HFCS (pure poison -- banned in most countries). Gotta wonder.

Dusty said...

To Eryrcoedengoch:

Maybe its based on regional demand-so b sure to be in contact with your local Costco manager. Our local Cstco carries Israeli couscous (7 pound sack), Israeli Tnuva cheese, as well as several other domestic kosher cheeses. There is also a variety of Meal Mart packaged kosher meats.

The lesson- request what you want- and buy it when its there.