Friday, February 5, 2010

Fight the BDS Movement--Shop at the Davis Co-op on Feb 14 and Show Israel Some Love!

The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement is an tactic from the anti-apartheid effort now adopted by the anti-Israel groups in the US and Europe. Of course, it completely ignores the fact that Arabs in the State of Israel have citizenship and full and equal political and civil rights. and that there is no apartheid in the Mid-East’s only democracy.

Periodically, this effort targets stores selling Israeli products, in an effort to persuade them to stop stocking them. This time, they have focused their efforts on the Davis Co-op. The good news is that Co-op isn't buying the garbage being peddled by the anti-Israel groups.

So, go to the Davis Co-op and show Israel some love on Sunday, Feb. 14 for Valentine’s day.

1. Buy a whole bunch of Israeli products (if they are off the shelf, maybe someone else read this and bought the entire stock-- so go to the store manager and tell him/her they need to buy more!) Israeli wine, couscous and feta cheese are available at the Co-op.

2. Tell the store manager to keep stocking these products because you really like them!

3. Also tell the store manager that we’ve declared Feb. 14 as the "Day to Buy Israeli Products" so they can be prepared. And please pass the couscous.

Davis Co-op
620 G St
Davis, Ca., 95616


Anonymous said...

Its too late! As of yesterday, Israeli products were completely sold out! Good job!

Anonymous said...

See also

The Co-op is owned and operated by 10,000 shareholders. Its bylaws allow members to decide what to vote on during annual elections.

Five percent of this governing body must sign the petition in order for it to appear on the store’s May ballot. The Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights has been collecting signatures since Jan. 1…

“The Co-op does not support or endorse this boycott and wants to make clear it is being organized by members using their rights given in the bylaws,” said Co-op General Manager Eric Stromberg. — The California Aggie

The BDS movement tries to portray support for Palestinian irredentism as a human rights question, which everyone should support, sort of like environmentalism. The fact is that BDS is a nonviolent part of the mostly violent 100-year old campaign to eliminate Jewish sovereignty in the Mideast.

Anonymous said...

The Davis Food Co-op Board will not be accepting the petition as it is not legal. The board passed a resolution last Friday night.

Anonymous said...

For information about the boycott initiative campaign, please contact the Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights at 530-747-0185.

Please do. Tell them just what you think of their initiative.

Dusty said...

The following resolution
was passed by the Board of Directors of the Davis Food Co-op on February 5, 2010:

/Whereas/ the Davis food Cooperative has a duly authorized
system of bylaws, rules, and procedures that guide its actions,
among them Bylaw Article X, Section 2, which requires that all
members supported initiatives must specify /a lawful and proper
purpose/ before they can be placed on the ballot, and/Whereas/ Directors are charged with the fiduciary duty of upholding these internal rules and bylaws while complying with all relevant federal, state, and local laws, and
/Whereas/ the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce administers and enforces anti-boycott laws [Export Administration Regulations], and these laws which apply to the Davis Food Cooperative through the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution, penalize or prohibit the co-op from making “agreements to refuse or actual refusal to do business with or in Israel or was blacklisted companies...”, and
/Whereas/ the Davis Food Cooperative has determined after
consultation with legal counsel that the proposed member
initiative calling for an anti-Israel boycott does not specify a
lawful purpose,

/Therefore/ the Davis Food Cooperative respectfully concludes
that the proposed member initiative calling for an anti-Israel boycott does not qualify under its bylaws to be presented to the membership on the ballot.

As a result of this resolution, the Board of Directors will not
be putting the current “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” petition on the ballot.

The Board respects the rights of members to propose member sponsored initiatives and will act in accordance to the bylaws
with respect to these initiatives.

Anonymous said...

BDS at the Davis Co-op loses big time: Read more here:

Anonymous said...

The worst part of this boycott of Israel goods is that Israel is acting responsibly under Int Law. Specifically the San Remo Manual 1994 !
It disgust me to see people cave in to the malicious propaganda orchestrated by activists who have spread these lies.
Israel has every right to blockade a hostile territory and to intercept neutral vessels headed to breach blockade ! They also have the right to meet deadly force with deadly force !
SRM 1994 is the American naval law and Israel followed it to the letter.
I am not Jewish but I have stopped dealing with anyone who caves in to this propaganda !