Friday, January 22, 2010

Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in Gaza: Israel blamed

Have you seen the lie du jour floating around the web?

According to the Palestine Chronicle:

"Israel has opened the floodgates of one of its dams in the eastern part of the Gaza Strip, flooding Palestinian houses and causing severe damage.

The Israeli authorities opened the dam's floodgates without any prior warning or coordination with local authorities in Gaza, stunning the residents of the area, the Press TV correspondent in Gza reported late on Monday"

Strike you as odd, maybe? Dam? In the Desert? Huh?

Maybe the real story is found here, in the Palestinian paper Ma'an

A water reservoir in Baqa Ash-Sharqiya village overflowed and collapsed Wednesday, flooding the area north of Tulkarem and prompting Palestinian Civil Defense forces to declare the area around the flood a danger zone.

Heavy rainfall throughout Palestine caused floods in dozens of low-lying areas, with some municipalities reporting overflowing aquifers and several Gaza districts under evacuation orders as homes are covered in floodwater.

In a press statement, the Civil Defense forces said the reservoir was under watch on Tuesday night, and noted that it collapsed in the early hours of the morning, flooding the adjacent agricultural areas.

The area will be cordoned off until the rains subside.


Those "peace activists" never miss an opportunity to blame Israel. In addition to controlling finance, government and the media, apparently we control the weather.
Dang, we're good!

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