Friday, July 21, 2017

This is how a Palestinian Day of rage ends.

This is how a Palestinian Day of rage ends.

Three are dead- a fourth is struggling for her life.

A Palestinian terrorist targeted a family having Shabbat dinner, stabbing a man and his son and daughter.The mother was badly injured, with stab wound to her back.

The attacker has been identified as 19-year-old Omar al-Abed.

Hamas has already  praised this "heroic" act.

In Gaza, they are celebrating in the streets.

The assailant Omar al-Abed  was shot and is currently being treated in an Israeli hospital

This violence is the direct result of incitement in the Palestinian media and by the Palestinian government.

Reem Assil: the PT Barnum of restaurateurs

Reem Assil is positioning herself as the PT Barnum of restaurateurs

Her attempts at self promotion go far in exposing the incestuous nature of the anti-Israel community in the Bay area.

On July 8,  a group of Jewish elders, including a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto, held a peaceful vigil at Reem’s,  upset at the restaurants’ glorification of violence.  The group was attacked.

In remarkable example of the incestuous nature of the group-speak/group-think of the local anti-Israel community  the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, the Arab Resource organizing Center, the Mid East Children’s  Alliance and Jewish Voice for Peace have all sent out identical announcements urging people to eat at Reems.

Using terms like  “racist”, “Islamaophobe”, “zealot”,  the collected effort of the Bay area anti-Israel community are desperate to rewrite the incident to place the blame on the victims, and to capitalize on yet another example of their righteous victimhood.

Here’s a quick guide to the Orwellian language of the local haters

“They came with racist signs”:  (remember the victims not their killers)

 "harassed customers”.  (stood there silently)

“defend Reem’s”    (attack a silent vigil)

“writing slandering articles” (engaging in free speech and expressing a contrary opinion )

Its an interesting strategy, though most shop keepers would just use a Groupon to drum up  business.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Arab rocker rejects the call to BDS

Radiohead  an English rock band from Oxfordshire is scheduled to play tomorrow in Tel Aviv. This will be their their 4th performance in Israel.  Since the date was announced, they have been subject to an unrelenting campaign of bullying and pressure from anti-Israeli activists.

Thom Yorke (lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards) has repeatedly expressed his disgust with the way the band has been treated

From Rolling Stone

I'll be totally honest with you: this has been extremely upsetting. There's an awful lot of people who don't agree with the BDS movement, including us. I don't agree with the cultural ban at all, along with J.K. Rowling, Noam Chomsky and a long list of others.

There are people I admire [who have been critical of the concert] like [English film director] Ken Loach, who I would never dream of telling where to work or what to do or think. The kind of dialogue that they want to engage in is one that's black or white. I have a problem with that. It's deeply distressing that they choose to, rather than engage with us personally, throw shit at us in public. It's deeply disrespectful to assume that we're either being misinformed or that we're so retarded we can't make these decisions ourselves. I thought it was patronizing in the extreme. It's offensive and I just can't understand why going to play a rock show or going to lecture at a university [is a problem to them].

Nasreen Qadri, an Israeli Arab singer who will perform alongside Radiohead in Tel Aviv has also rejected BDS bullies claim to speak for the “Palestinians”and  spoke out against calls by BDS activists for the band to cancel their concert in Israel.

In an op-ed in Newsweek, Qadri writes:

An Arabic proverb says "music is the nutrition of the spirit." Music feeds people’s spirits and opens them up. Music builds bridges and this is exactly what I am hoping to achieve through this concert.

Those who call for boycott are only trying to divide us. They are trying to shut down the music. I will not be a part of that. Sadly, there are too many countries in the Middle East in which such a concert could have never taken place.

I was lucky to be born in Israel, and I am grateful for the opportunity to build bridges of understanding.

Alongside Thom Yorke and Radiohead I plan on rocking Israel this Wednesday.

Rock on, Thom and Nasreen and friends, and welcome to Tel Aviv.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Reem's Bakery Tries to Cash in

Reem Assil's latest strategy appears to be "When in doubt, lie through your teeth and claim  'I'm the victim.'"

Reem's bakery is attempting to capitalize on their attack on peaceful protesters, in an effort to prove that crime does in fact, pay.

From Reems Bakery Shamelessly Lies About Non-Violent Protest To Cash In On It, published  in IsraellyCool:

"They had racist signs"

Not a single photo exists of a "racist" sign. There was this:

Reem Assil thinks this is racist.
And this:
Again, from Israellycool

The signs are clearly not racist in the slightest, just anti-terrorist. If Reems are equating that with anti-Muslim, then it is them who are the racists.

And Reems expects us to believe those protesters (three 60-something-year-old ladies and a 78-year-old survivor of the Warsaw ghetto) were violent, especially the one in the wheelchair? What shameless liars.

Whether Reem Assil can cook is up for debate. But few doubt that her real talent lies in self promotion 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Reem's of Oakland: Photos of attackers emerge

Reem's in Fruitvale has been widely criticized for its lionization of convicted murderer Rasmea Odeh. Yesterday, a non-violent vigil meant to focus community attention on the local cafe's glorification of violence ended in an assault on the participants, including a 78 year old survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto

Lara Kiswani, the Executive Director of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) in San Francisco Bay Area has been identified as one of the attackers. She is reported to have ripped a sign out of a participants hands, then strutted around the outside patio with the remnants.

This self identified member of Jewish Voice for Peace can also been seen on the footage attacking the non-violent protesters

This person of indeterminate gender was reported to have assaulted a wheel-chair bound activist, cruelly twisting her fingers in an effort to steal her sign. 

Sara Kershnar of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) also made an appearance, participating in the mayhem until the police arrived, then tossing on a lime green National lawyers Guild Legal Observer hat.  (Pssst, Sara- the National Lawyers Guild Manual for Legal Observers specifically says  "...we ask people to commit themselves to act as Legal Observers and not protesters, and avoid blurring of lines between Legal Observer and activist."

Oops. Fail.

As morally reprehensible as it might be, Reem Assil and her customers have the right to glorify a murderer, but they do not have the right to attack those in opposition. Organizers of the vigil are planning on returning to Fruitvale Station, committed to the sacred task of educating the community about the dangers of incitement and indoctrination and how they act as an obstacle to peace, both in Oakland and overseas.

These are just empty words from an interview with Reem Assil in Berkeleyside:  “People are afraid of politics, but now more than ever people are asking. If my food can stir up a conversation — even if it’s a hard conversation — that’s what I want it to do. I welcome that in my space.”  Yet when people attempting to engage in the very hard conversation Reem says she welcomes- they are met with abuse, harassment and assault.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Non-Violent Vigil attacked at Reem's in Fruitvale

San Francisco's iconic Bound Together bookstore has a mural, captioned "History remembers 2 kinds of people. Those who murder and those who fight back."

Reem Assil has chosen to adorn her Fruitvale bakery cafe with the likeness of one who chose to murder.

Fortunately, Oakland has chosen to fight back.   This weekend, a group gathered to "Honor the victims, not their killer" , in what organizers promise to be the first of many informative vigils, speaking to the community about why the mural of Rasmea Odeh was so hateful.

In response, Reem Assil called upon her political allies for support.

The non-violent vigil was brutally attacked, and signs and flyers were ripped out of people's hands.

Again we see how in Israel, and in Oakland, violence is justified as a means to an end. Innocent citizens shopping in a grocery store or simply exercising their right to peaceful assembly and free speech are equally at risk.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Gal Gadot is Number One.

In spite of a considerable campaign directed against her by the usual suspects,  Wonder Woman Gal Gadot has spent her first week at No. 1 on The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Actors chart.
The Top Actors chart is a ranking of the most popular actors on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus, with global data provided by social media analytics company MVPindex. The chart’s methodology blends social engagement on the platforms along with weekly additions of followers/subscribers. 
Much of the Arab world  cannot stand any Israeli succeeding in anything and as a result Wonder Woman has been banned in Lebanon, Tunisia and in Qatar. In spite of this, as of July 2nd the movie has grossed  $708,444,475  internationally.
This counts as BDS fail
By any metric, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman has been a success. The film enjoyed thelargest-ever opening weekend for a film directed by a woman. It’s now the highest-grossing live-action film directed by a woman in the world. It got an “A” from Cinemascore viewers, and overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics. The profound wave of positivity is particularly striking when compared to other DC Comics Extended Universe sibling films, includingBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.
And now, less than a month after its theatrical release, Wonder Woman has overtaken the full-release box-office take of Warner Bros.’ other DCEU films in the United States, The Wrapreports. So far, Wonder Woman has earned $330.5 million in domestic release, to Batman v Superman’s previous DCEU record of $330.3 million. Notably, Wonder Woman’s earnings have hit that mark after less than a month in theaters, while it took Batman v Superman 84 days.