Friday, February 26, 2016

Roseanne Barr in Oakland: The Selective Outrage of the Morally bankrupt Part 2

Its deja vu. All over again

Controversial comedienne Roseanne Barr will be speaking at Oakland's Congregation Beth Abraham February 27.

From Haaretz:

No one is quite sure what happened to Roseanne Barr when it comes to Israel. In 2013, the outspoken, outrageous and very political comedian made an utter about-face, morphing from a fierce critic who called Israel a “Nazi state” into a die-hard supporter, attacking those who criticize the Jewish State with the same angry obscenities she once hurled at the country itself.

The conversion occurred seemingly overnight.

But she has promised to explain it all publicly in the coming days. Barr will address the shift in her activism on February 27 at a reception held by the pro-Israel advocacy organization StandWithUs at Temple Beth Abraham in Oakland, California, where she will be in conversation with Israel advocate Lenny Kristal.

We wrote about her last scheduled trip to the Bay Area here

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Roseanne Barr in Berkeley: The Selective Outrage of the Morally bankrupt.

A campaign to discredit her and pressure the sponsoring organizations into canceling has been instituted and has failed. Disgraced blogger Richard Silverstein flooded the local community with letters. And there was a petition. There's always a petition.

Interestingly enough, this call for "civility" was penned by Jim Harris, a local anti-Israel activist with a history of some very uncivil behavior.  He's a self proclaimed member of the International Solidarity Movement, which prides itself on providing human shields for terror groups.  He organized a protest at a local AIPAC dinner  that spiraled out of control, leading to 7 arrests. 

And, yes, the same Jim Harris who cries crocodile tears over "hateful words sure to incite bigotry" had no crisis of conscience when he attended a talk at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists  featuring notorious holocaust denier and  antisemite Gilad Atzmon  

As of now, Jim Harris's petition is signed by people from such diverse locales as Queen Charlotte, Canada and  Lupsingen, Switzerland. Not a single congregant from Beth Abraham has signed it.

Just another example of the selective moral outrage of the anti-Israel community.

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i remember that jim harris guy from that pali children's "art exhibit" in Oakland a few years ago. he's a troll, i mean he literately looks like an ugly garden gnome.