Saturday, November 23, 2013

San Francisco State: Beating a dead horse

"My Heroes have always killed colonizers" at SFSU
"My heroes have always killed colonizers'", the notorious little art project  associated with SFSU's General Union of Palestinian students (GUPS) has been widely condemned in mainstream sources, by advocacy groups as well as in the blogsphere.

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AMCHA  AMCHA Co-Founders Challenge San Francisco State University President about Campus Event Glorifying the Murder of Jews
J weekly Outcry over anti-Semitism at mural event at S.F. State

As usual the Blogsphere was at least two steps ahead of the conventional news sources.

Special thanks for recognizing that this incitement to violence and murder on campus deserved  additional exposure goes to:

Gary Fouse  San Francisco State University Keeps its Radical Legacy Alive
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Even Mondoweiss, Richard Silverstein, Electronic Intifada and the usual agitprop sites haven't been able to spin this one into a statement of the eternal victimhood of the Palestinians. They are keeping away from it with the proverbial10 foot pole. 

The involved students? Their reaction after being called on threats of violence was to respond with...wait for it....MORE threats of violence.  From the Tumblr account of Mohammed Hammad, president of GUPS,
                                "THIS IS MY THING.  I AM READY TO DESTROY"

In a move straight out of Mad Men ("If you don't like whats being said, change the conversation"), GUPS  is spearheading a petition accusing  Jewish Community hero Tammi Benjamin of attempting to muzzle their "academic freedom" to agitate violence and murder.

Alexandra Thornton of Southport signs the petition with her well-reasoned explanation "Zionists suck a lot"

Angelika Schneider weighs in on SFSU campus climate all the way from Lilienthal Germany. She apparently believes that supporting murder provides moral support for the Palestinians

And from Strasbourg France, Gunter Schneck describes the glorification of murder as "sacred"

Torange Yeghiazarian from Oakland California writes in against "fear mongering and threats", yet bafflingly signs the petition supporting incitement to violence. At least Torange is in the same time zone as San Francisco State

Lets give UC Berkeley Prof.Andrew Gutierrez the last word. He exhorts us to "allow freedom of discussion on campus". 

You may remember Prof. Gutierrez from this outburst,  asserting his own "freedom of discussion" at the top of his lungs.

I can't help but wonder- do any of these people actually know what they have endorsed?

SFSU President Leslie Wong gets it.  The Office of the President at SFSU issued a statement declaring “There is no place at S.F. State for celebrating violence or promoting intolerance, bigotry, anti-Semitism or any other form of hate-mongering...  The university is a place where dialogue, debate and the marketplace of ideas are cherished. We must also maintain a safe environment. Engaging in expressions that threaten and intimidate are counter to these goals"


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

ya know as you read the crap these leftist anti-Semites post on the internet two things become painfully obvious. one is that they're basically a hate group masquerading as peace advocates and two is that they're a bunch of self absorbed social parasites. the just use the palestinians as an excuse to scream "look at me look at me look at how progressive and hip I am."

Gary Fouse said...

And there is this from Elder of Ziyon:

Gary Fouse said...

Of course, the weak sisters at Berkleley never disciplined Gutierrez for heckling Jewish students peacefully protesting swastikas on campus walls.

What a disgraceful episode.