Thursday, November 28, 2013

Incitement and Bigotry at SFSU. The story continues

Thanks are due to our representatives in Sacramento, including Assemblymember Marc Levine, Senator Marty Block, Assemblymember Das Williams, Senator Carol Liu, Assemblymember Jose Medina, Senator Lois Wolk, Assemblymember Richard Bloom, Assemblymember Steve Fox and Senator Mark Leno who have written  to San Francisco State University President Les Wong thanking him for denouncing the incitement and hate speech at an event sponsored by the General Union of Palestine Students earlier this month. 

In the letter addressed to Pres. Wong on Nov. 25, the legislators wrote:  "Celebrations of violence  towards an individual group or community lack legitimacy or standing in civilized society...These hateful demonstrations foster prejudice and bigotry. Such actions are the antithesis of an institution of higher learning, which is a wellspring of thoughtful and compassionate dialogue."

Blogger Elder of Ziyon has additional evidence that the intolerance and incitement of Nov. 7 was not an isolated incident. The General Union of Palestinian Students at SFSU have been selling t-shirts emblazoned with the message "Resistance is not terrorism", featuring PLFP hijacker Leila Khaled
General Union of Palestinian Students at SFSU celebrating terror

The Elder has designed an alternative image.
Leila Khaled. terrorist
No apology appears to be forthcoming from the General union of Palestinian students at SFSU. Also silent are the folks at Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) who never seem to notice, much less denounce the antisemitism in their very own backyard.


Gary Fouse said...

The time has come for SFSU to start expelling students. If any of these students are not citizens, they should be deported.

uncle harvey said...

Don t waste time trying to engage with fascists . Record their actions and file suit for harassment , racist and discriminatory behaviour . Include the relevant campus where such activities take place . Shurat Ha Din leading the way in Australia taking on Jake Lynch and Sydney uni . Hopefully a successful outcome will witness the start of many such actions . There is a world of difference between fair criticism and honest debate and what is taking place on our university campuses . Hit them as hard as possible .

Gary Fouse said...

Uncle Harvey is right. As a part-time teacher at UC Irvine since 1998, I have seen this first-hand. I have been urging my Jewish friends who have been subjected to this to get lawyers and start filing lawsuits. Talking and writing letters only goes so far.

Gary Fouse said...

It just got worse.