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Paul Larudee of the International Solidarity movement: Some "peace" activist

"Armed struggle must not be discouraged, but rather made as effective as possible." 
Paul Larudee

Are these the words of a peace activist?

Paul Larudee, of El Cerrito, California is a self described “peace activist”.  He is one of the founders of the Free Gaza and Free Palestine Movements and the Northern California head of the International Solidarity Movement. Paul was one of the organizers of the Global March to Jerusalem. He is also a proud member of Jewish Voice for Peace. Photos of him and Gaza's Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh are all over the web

Paul Larudee in Gaza

In a recent article in Dissident voice,  Paul puts to bed any doubt that he, or the International Solidarity Movement support a non-violent end to the conflict in the region

Armed or nonviolent resistance? Every struggle in the world – whether successful or unsuccessful – has included a combination of armed and nonviolent resistance in varying proportions. If it can be argued that armed resistance has failed in Palestine, so has nonviolent resistance. Nevertheless, it is exceedingly important in all struggles for such efforts not to undermine each other. Mixing the use of violence in a nonviolent action is a sure way of rendering that action ineffective, which is precisely why the enemy uses infiltrators in such a manner. Similarly, armed struggle must not be discouraged, but rather made as effective as possible. The two are more effective when coordinated, insofar as possible, so as to complement each other and so that the struggle may be unified.

This isn’t new, and was documented in 2004 by Toby Harnden, the Middle East Correspondent to  the Telegraph who wrote:

The International Solidarity Movement is often described as a peace group but its founders back the Palestinian right to wage an "armed struggle". Launched in 2001, the ISM says it uses "non-violent direct action" in the style of Gandhi, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Dr Martin Luther King. A closer look reveals that the leadership sees volunteers not as pacifists but as combatants on the Palestinian side.
In a 2002 article, the movement's co-founders, Adam Shapiro, a New York Jew, and Huwaida Arraf, a Palestinian Christian, urged: "The Palestinian resistance must take on a variety of characteristics, both non-violent and violent." Mr Shapiro and Miss Arraf predicted that "yes, people will get killed and injured" and suggested that the casualties "would be considered shaheed", using the Arabic term for martyrs applied to suicide bombers....
ISM activists have been photographed posing with automatic weapons.  There's a reason the women are dressed as observant Jews. They  are filmed committing atrocities against the Palestinian people, with the intent of having Israelis blamed. These films are shown in Europe and in the Americas, as recruiting propaganda for the ISM, and as a way of demonizing Israel.

International Solidarity movement

International Solidarity Movement

In his March 27th article at the Dissident Voice website Paul asks  "What about arms?", advocating for targeted assassinations, though its unclear if he wants Palestinian leadership taken out, or the Israeli leadership

Armed resistance is difficult but not impossible. Certainly, one must not expect to match Israel in arms or even to mount a very effective fighting force. There is also the danger that armed resistance can be used to apply greater repression on a nonviolent resistance movement. However, if armed struggle is to be effective, it is most likely to achieve its ends through assassinations of very senior figures, in much the way covert U.S. forces use drone assassinations and the way Israelis themselves have used the tactic on Palestinians. In the absence of Palestinian drone aircraft, however, one must assume that such acts would have to be accomplished the old fashion way, if at all, and with a degree of secrecy that is difficult to maintain.
Paul Larudee  is advocating assassination and armed struggle.  Does anyone still believe this man is a voice for peace, justice and non-violence?

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i hope there's a tear gas canister out there that has paul's name on it. that may seem insensitive or over the top to to some but as far as i'm concerned people like paul are practically guilty of conspiracy to committing murder every time someone is killed by hamas terrorism.