Thursday, January 31, 2013

“If you love the bubbles, set them free”

The BDS’ers are just livid over the success of Sodastream.

According to a mean estimate of eight analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, SodaStream sales rose 37 percent last year to $425 million. The homemade soda machine is now available in stores as diverse as Sur la table, Walmart and the eclectic Cliff’s Variety, in San Francisco.

And the BDSer’s are fighting back.  They’ve responded with  lame song and dance routines. Biting shopkeepers. Petitions.  And now- they are releasing their ultimate weapon.  Tremble before it.
Yes, Twitter.

This is just pitiful.

Having failed to coerce CBS into dropping a 30 second ad from Sodastream, to be broadcast during the 4th quarter of the Super bowl the BDS holes are turning to Twitter

 “Tweeting turns out to be one of our best ways to counter the millions they've spent on the ad. If you Tweet, or would be willing to learn, you could help immeasurably.  For your own tweeting, consider these hashtags: #SodaStreamParty and #BoycottSodaStream.”

Yeah, that’ll show them....

Turned out the Sodastream commercial’s controversy extended way beyond the BDS movement.  The scheduled clip was dropped by CB, who felt it portrayed Pepsi and Coke, two huge sponsors, in a negative light. A different commercial will be shown.

What do you think?

“If you love the bubbles, set them free”

If you are having a Super bowl party, send us photos of how your Soda stream enhances the experience, and tweet them out using the #Sodastreamparty hashtag. Have some fun with it

And yeah, the 49'ers are going to kick butt on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

If CBS hadnt banned this ad, I would have never heard of soda stream. Now I'm intrigued and want to try it.

Gary Fouse said...

Monday night, Omar Barghouti is speaking at UC Irvine courtesy of SJP.