Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Zionist Arts and Crafts in the Bay Area

The unhinged barabism and atrocities of October 7 have unified the Bay Area community in many ways.  Its been particularly gratifying to see the various ad hoc "Arts and Crafts" collectives that have sprung up, engaging in random acts of urban beautification.

The "Kidnapped Posters" are everywhere.

They are most commonly seen in public venues, but the bravest family in Berkeley has the posters directly on their garage door.

We've also seen grafitti abatement:
From San Francisco Ocean Beach   



Some low energy fun with Sharpies

Quick art projects and banner drops

More elaborate art projects

And some general "We're just messing with you" alterations, additions and deletions.

This may have been a Palestinian flag in a different life

Thanks for all your contributions to bring light and beauty to our community.  Remember the words of our ancestors:   "We are not obliged to complete the work, nor are we free to desist from it".   

Keep sending those photos in!  If you want to claim credit for the art work, let us know


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

every single photo in this posting includes a master piece.

Liam Ryan said...

Love it all.
I love the "don't fuck with the jews" :)