Friday, March 25, 2022

BDS Fails, Great and Small

Shhhh. Its a clip show, er, post.

Where are we after 21 years of BDS?

Well, there's this. According to a Gallup poll released this week as part of its annual World Affairs poll, Israel ranks seventh on list of countries rated favorably by Americans.

After multiple attempts to rid our port cities from the scurge of the Israel-affiliated Zim Shipping line, whats the net result of Block the Boat, and Block the Boat, the sequel?

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd  stock has risen 226.06% over the last 12 months, and the average rating from Wall Street analysts is a Buy.

* ZIM generated $10.7 billion in revenue and $4.64 billion in net profit, also growing shareholders' equity to $4.6 billion.

For 2021, Zim saw a 787% profit rise. 

Maybe that celebration party was a bit premature, eh, Lara?

But, But, But you say, Ben & Jerrys!  Thats was a BDS victory.  Right?  Right?  

Maybe its a Pyrrhic victory at best.   Since the Unilever owned business made the decision to stop selling ice cream over the Green line,  seven states have taken action against  the company.  Most recently, Colorado has joined New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Arizona divesting state pension funds from the company. Florida and Texas have also taken action against Ben & Jerry’s.   Other states are likely to take action as well.

Unilever’s stock has plunged in the last six months.  Its been estimated that the boycott  has led to a $26 billion loss.

Unilever- this is your stock on BDS.

Israel tech continues to thrive. Total funding in 2021 reached a new peak of $27 billion — more than doubling the amount raised in 2020. Israel consistently produces more "unicorns" per capita than any other nation, with 48 last year alone.  Israel's exports reached a record high of $140 billion in 2021, up 18% from last year.

Perhaps the biggest BDS fail are the Abraham accords, and the expansion of Israeli  diplomatic relations across the Middle East and North Africa. The BDS movements goal of isolating Israel has failed.  The expansion of social, political and economic ties across the region has laid the foundation for a real and lasting peace.

When a second tier liberal arts college removes Sabra hummus from the school cafeteria, or a B list performing artist cancels a trip to Israel, the BDS holes shout their  "victories" from the rooftops.   Its all they've got.    Remember the big picture.

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

And don’t forget, up until covid tourism to Israel was on the rise year after year as well. An otherwise great comprehensive round up of the miserable failing bdshole movement which is mostly a lot of noise on social media.