Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The sanctimonious hypocrisy of Soli Alpert

On his Facebook Page, Soli Apert admits his Berkeley Rent Board anti-Israel resolution was submitted with the hope it would be passed without any "fanfare", writing.
"I submitted a resolution for tomorrow's Rent Board meeting condemning the "evictions" in Shekih Jarrah with the naïve hope that we could pass it with no fanfare on consent. It is evident that will not be the case." Soli, if your resolution can't hold up to public scrutiny, maybe you need to rethink it.

He continues: "Finally, it's been insulting and revealing how many people have seen fit to speak about me rather than to me the past few days. If you have issue with what I have written, call me." Sorry, Soli. If you wanted to have a discussion about this terribly one-sided, factually incorrect resolution, maybe you shouldn't have tried to sneak it through.

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