Monday, November 18, 2019

Fighting for the Soul of the Democratic party

This weekend, the California Democratic Party meet in Long Beach to endorse candidates for district offices, and to make policy and platform recommendations.
True to form, extremist groups like JVP were there, in an effort to pressure the party to adopt divisive positions on Israel that serve only to marginalize the Jewish community and to demonize the world’s only Jewish state. 
Fortunately, groups such as  the Progressive Zionists of California (like them on Facebook!)and the AJC were also involved, to fight for the soul of the Democratic party, and ultimately prevailed.

 From the Progressive Zionists of California:
Progressive Zionists of California commends the California Democratic Party for upholding language on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict proposed by the Platform Committee, whose members worked tirelessly over three months to collect comments, engage in robust dialogue, and streamline language on a number of complex issues. Thank you to every delegate who voted against the proposed anti-peace amendment and for the platform language, upholding the values we hold dear as Democrats.
Despite many late nights working to find a compromise on the platform language, at the convention anti-Zionists collected signatures to attempt to get language changed through a vote at the general session, in what is known as a "floor fight." During this process, flyers distributed to gain signatures to bring the amendments to floor misrepresented the wording of the revised platform.
The floor vote, which was done first by voice and then checked visually as voting delegates held up their cards, overwhelmingly rejected the anti-Zionist's amendment, included language calling for an unprecedented “right of return” — a policy that would preclude a two-state solution.
In particular, we are pleased with the numerous rewrites of particularly troubling planks in the Platform Committee. We commend the Platform Committee in particular for their thoughtful discussion, and commitment to dialogue.
PZC founding member Susan George said, "We are pleased the party has once again rejected extremism, and decided to focus on unifying issues. 2020 is the election of a lifetime, and we must focus on keeping the tremendous gains California Democrats made in 2018, not get derailed by a divisive conversation."
We are also pleased that the party accepted an amendment to the Education plank and the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, proposed by PZC Steering Committee member Andrea Beth Damsky, to meaningfully include language encouraging education about antisemitism.
PZC is grateful to our partners:
We look forward to working together in the future to keep the California Democratic Party free from antisemitism, to focus our attention on making our communities better for everyone.

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Mr. Cohen said...

Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

“The hard-Left, as usual, gave [Yasser] Arafat a pass on his personal involvement in the murder of innocent civilians, as well as on his refusal to condemn terrorism.

As is all too typical of the hard-Left, they tolerate all manner of human rights violations by anti-Israel and anti-American tyrants, while railing against even the most minor deviations from perfection by the Western democracies.”

SOURCE: Defending Israel (chapter 7, page 105)
by Alan M. Dershowitz, year 2019, All Points Books,
ISBN-10: 1250179963 * ISBN-13: 978-1250179968

Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

“…as Israel offered compromises in the interests of peace, the efforts by the hard-Left to demonize, delegitimize and isolate Israel only increased.

This perverse dynamic, demonstrating that the hard-Left opposition was not to Israel’s policies, but rather to its very existence, has continued to this day.”

SOURCE: Defending Israel (chapter 9, page 133)
by Alan M. Dershowitz, year 2019, All Points Books,
ISBN-10: 1250179963 * ISBN-13: 978-1250179968

BOTTOM LINE: Jews are the only people who are not
allowed to have their own country, no matter how small.

Dutch Parliament cuts aid to Palestinian Authority
due to payments to terrorists and families

“Robert Spencer’s indispensable book exposes the genocidal ambitions and lies of the jihad against the Jews” :

“ADL Finds Extreme Anti-Semitism among Muslims in Western Europe Almost Three Times Higher Than National Rates:

“Missouri: Muslim migrant gets 8 years for sending money to the Islamic State to buy US military uniforms:

“Italy: Muslim migrant imam beat children at Qur’anic school, had photos of Adolf Hitler: