Saturday, September 14, 2019

Israel remembers 9/11

"I can say with absolute certainty the United States would not be safe without Israel as a partner.”

The U.S. Embassy, the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) and the Jewish National Fund USA hosted a 9/11 ceremony at the KKL-JNF 9/11 Living Memorial in Jerusalem. Department of Homeland Security Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis and Chief Intelligence Officer David J. Glawe attended the ceremony. 

The Under Secretary stated:

“We best honor the memory of those we commemorate today by recommitting ourselves to the same selfless sacrifice of the first responders, the brave passengers who struggled against the terrorists, and the countless men and women who have given their lives to keep us safe.  A visit to Israel provides the opportunity to affirm our commitment to never forget and to have the United States stand with Israel and our global partners against the current manifestation of terrorism. I can say with absolute certainty the United States would not be safe without Israel as a partner.
A wreath was laid on the memorial, emblazoned with the words “for all who endeavor to keep us safe.”   A “Tribute in Light”, similar to the one at Ground Zero in New York City featured the  illumination of beams of light that shined 1000 feet over Jerusalem.

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Mr. Cohen said...

It is not enough to remember the names
of the 3,000 victims who died when the
World Trade Center was destroyed by
Arab-Muslim terrorists on 2001 September 11.

Even more important, we must remember:
the names of the 19 terrorists,
which religion they believed in [Islam],
which language they spoke [Arabic],
and where they came from [Egypt and Saudi Arabia].


Yigal Carmon
[President of MEMRI dot org] said:

Two months before 9/11, on Qatar’s state-run
Al-Jazeera TV, [Osama] bin Laden was lionized
in a show dedicated to him. He was called
“the No. 1 Arab and Islamic hero” and
“the conscience of the Arab and Islamic world.”

The program host underlined that as
“the [Muslim] nation thirsts deeply
for someone who will confront America...
not with words and slogans,”
and said that bin Laden was
“the right man for this important role.”

And indeed he was.

Americans are good people —
just ask the Qatari Emir

by Yigal Carmon, 2019/7/14


Yigal Carmon
[President of MEMRI dot org] said:

“For over two decades, Qatar has been
fostering and advancing nearly every
terrorist organization that has murdered
Americans. It praised Osama bin Laden,
and after him Ayman Al-Zawahiri [leader of
Al-Qaeda after Osama bin Laden], to the skies.”

Americans are good people —
just ask the Qatari Emir

by Yigal Carmon, 2019/7/14

Mr. Cohen said...

Mr. Ali Adi [an Arab who lives in Israel] said:

If you ask any one of them [Arabs] during a casual conversation, even the biggest hater of Israel will tell you honestly that they prefer a conflict with Jews to a conflict with other Arabs, which would naturally result in brutal, unchecked bloodshed.

The Arab citizens of Israel will admit that they prefer the Israeli government to an Arab one, even if from their comfortable positions at Israeli universities they prefer to call it “the occupation.”

I Embrace My Israeli Arab Identity by Ali Adi 2019 September 1


Mr. Ali Adi [an Arab who lives in Israel] said:

“The truth, which the entire Arab world already acknowledges, that the Israeli army is the more humane and considerate than the Arab armies, fills me with pride.”

I Embrace My Israeli Arab Identity by Ali Adi 2019 September 1

Mr. Cohen said...

Thane Rosenbaum [author of many
books and a Distinguished Fellow at
the NYU School of Law] said:

“In this universe of automatic virtue
bestowed upon anyone with a history
of oppression, Jews are, bizarrely, kicked
off the team, their privileges suspended,
all because of their ostensible White privilege.”

SOURCE: ‘Fiddler on the Roof’
reminds us of age-old Jewish truths

by Thane Rosenbaum, 2019 August 7

Hugh Fitzgerald said this on Jihad Watch dot org:

“The Israelis have not marginalized the Palestinians;
it is the Palestinians who, by their relentless attempts
to kill Israelis, have marginalized themselves.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Concern
about Jewish “White Supremacists” (Part 1)

by Hugh Fitzgerald, 2019 August 9


Major General (res.) Gershon HaCohen,
[who] led the IDF 36th Division that was
responsible for the disengagement [from Gaza]
[said this to Jewish News Syndicate]:

“…No one in his right mind in Israel will
now agree to a disengagement from Judea
and Samaria [also known as The West Bank]
except for a few Left-wing radicals.”

SOURCE: Disbanding Gush Katif a failed
experiment, says general who helped carry out evacuation

by Avrohom Shmuel Lewin, 2019 August 12

Mr. Cohen said...

The ancient historian Flavius Josephus said:

“...Cumanus, whose governorship was marked
by disturbances and further disaster to the Jews.

The people had assembled in Jerusalem for the
Feast of Unleavened Bread, and the Roman
cohort stood on guard over the Temple colonnade,
armed men always being on duty at the feasts
to forestall any rioting by the vast crowds.”

SOURCE: The Jewish War
(chapter 7, pages 143 to 144) by Flavius Josephus,
translated by G.A. Williamson, year 1984,
published by Penguin Classics,
ISBN: 0140444203 & 978-0140444209

NOTE: Remember this when people
attempt to deny that Jews lived in the Holy Land.
Remember this when people attempt to deny
that there was a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

Senator Lindsey Graham
(Republican from South Carolina) warned:

“You may be tired of fighting radical Islam,
but they are not tired of fighting you.”

SOURCE Lindsey Graham Is Wrong:
It’s Long Past Time to Get out of Afghanistan

by Robert Spencer, 2019 August 31

Mosaic Magazine said:

“For several years, sharp criticism
of the Palestinians and their leaders
has been commonplace in the Egyptian press.

Now, writes, Khaled Abu Toameh,
similar attitudes can be found in
Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries
as an increasing segment of their
populations sees Palestinians as
ungrateful for the financial
and diplomatic support they have
received from their Arab brethren.”

Arab Resentment of the Palestinians
Comes Out into the Open
, 2019 Sept 11

Mr. Cohen said...

Jonathan S. Tobin [Editor in Chief of
JNS dot org, Jewish News Syndicate] said:

“Much of that animus [against Israel] stems
from the fact that many Liberals have never
forgiven the Israeli people for embracing the
Israeli Right-wing coalition that Netanyahu
now heads, while the Labor Zionist movement
that Ben-Gurion once led became marginalized.”

What Will History Say About Netanyahu?
by Jonathan S. Tobin, Editor of JNS dot org, 2019/7/21


from WikiPedia:
History of Slavery in the Muslim World

NOTE: Keep this for future reference,
for the next time some ignorant person accuses
the Jews of being responsible for slavery.


Did Captain Kirk believe in negotiating with terrorists?

Captain James T. Kirk said:
“We DO NOT negotiate with those who
threaten our lives or the lives of others.”

SOURCE: Star Trek: Savage Trade
(chapter 17, bottom of page 303) by Tony Daniel,
year 2015 CE, Pocket Books, New York,
ISBN: 9781476765501 * ISBN: 1476765502

Star Fleet Admiral Arlen McAteer said:

“We don’t negotiate with thugs and criminals.
We give them fair warning and
then we whip their cowardly butts.”

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Stargazer: Enigma
(chapter 16, page 209) by Michael Jan Friedman,
published by Gallery Books in year 2011
ISBN-10: 1451646356 * ISBN-13: 978-1451646351

Mr. Cohen said...

If you really want to know the details
about Muslims around the world committing
violence against their non-Muslim neighbors,
then please go to:

Articles on Jihad Watch right now include:

[1] Muslim scouted landmark sites in Boston, NYC, and DC including Fenway Park and Statue of Liberty for jihad massacres

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[4] Women’s March Replaces Anti-Semites with Another Anti-Semite

[5] That Was Quick: Women’s March Drops Anti-Semite It Brought in to Replace Its Other Anti-Semites

[6] Afghanistan: Taliban target election rally, murder 50 in jihad bombings, warn people not to vote or face death

[7] “Anti-Muslim” Event at Michigan Church Cancelled Quite Unnecessarily

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[10] Glazov Gang: Revealed – Obama’s Betrayal of SEAL Team Six

[11] Muslim Mayor of Prospect Park, N.J., Enraged at Being Questioned by Border Agents on Return from Turkey

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[14] India: Jammu and Kashmir official says religion terrorists follow is “definitely not Islam”

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