Monday, January 14, 2019

Snapshots from concentration camp Gaza: Fish Pedicures

Dry scaly feet?

Its Israel’s fault.

Look no further than Mahmoud Othman’s Gaza café  for the human face of the cruel and inhumane  “siege” of Gaza.

It took a full month for Mahmoud Othman to secure the necessary permits to import hundreds of Garra rufa, better known as  “Dr. Fish”,  for his Gaza spa.

Let that sink in.  A full month.

Its simply inhumane to subject an imprisoned population to a month-long wait for a fish pedicure. It is everyone’s human right to enjoy the life-affirming experience of dipping their feet into tanks full of small flesh eating fish.  Its enshrined by international law. Or in the Universal Declaration of human rights.  Or somewhere.  I’m sure it is.

 If its good enough for the Kardashians, its good enough for Gaza.

From YNET  

“We wanted to introduce a new idea and service at the cafe,” Othman said. “Doctor fish has remedial and recreational sides.”Among the benefits, he believes the treatment “helps the body get rid of negative energy...”

On a recent evening, seven young men sat in a room lit by blue neon lights, pants rolled to the knee and feet dipped into glass tubs. As the tiny fish clustered around their toes, the customers chatted or touched and swiped their smartphones.  “It’s a beautiful thing,” said Mahmoud al-Dairi, who came for the leisure factor.

Othman says 30 to 40 customers a day pay NIS 30 to offer their bodies as free lunch to the tiny fresh-water fish. 

Gaza Fish Pedicures. Evocative of the Warsaw ghetto?

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