Saturday, January 5, 2019

"All Jews F**k off and evaporate" found on package at UC Berkeley

Only in the San Francisco Bay area can a man arrested for leaving a fake bomb on campus, emblazoned with the words  "All Jews F**k off and evaporate"  be arrested and  still not be charged with a hate crime.
Last Friday Michael Fleming, 48, brought a box labeled  "Bomb inside" into the UC Berkeley Police Department. Anti-Semitics symbols and phrases covered the box.  The bomb squad later determined the box did not contain explosives.
Surveillance footage from the campus police department led them to Fleming, who continued his anti-Semitic tirades  during his arrest.
According to Berkeleyside:
Fleming remains in custody at Santa Rita with a bail of $10,000. He is scheduled to enter a plea next week Friday, according to county court records online
Michael Fleming, arrested at UC Berkeley
Fleming has not been charged with a hate crime.

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