Friday, December 22, 2017

San Francisco Terror attack thwarted

Officials have arrested a California man who was planning a possible Christmas terror attack in San Francisco.

The FBI has arrested Everitt Aaron Jameson, a 26 year old tow truck driver from Modesto who was planning a possible Christmas terror attack at San Francisco’s popular Pier 39. Jameson also referred to himself as Abdallah adu Everitt ibn Gordon.

Jameson was charged in a criminal complaint filed at the U.S. District Court in Sacramento with attempting to provide material support to ISIS, a designated foreign terrorist organization

According to FBI Agent Christopher McKinney “Jameson has espoused radical jihadi beliefs, including authoring social media posts that are supportive of terrorism, communicating with people he believes share his jihadi views and offering to provide services to such people, including in the form of his presumably employer-provided tow truck in service of the ‘cause.’

The complaint alleges that Jameson posted radical jihadist messages online, and declared his support for the Halloween terror attack in New York that killed 8. After the attack, Jameson reportedly told an FBI informant, "I'm glad to know we Muslims are finally hitting back. Allahu Akbar! The Kuffar deserve everything and more the lives they have taken." . Jameson also expressed his belief that the U.S. "needed another attack like New York or San Bernardino." He wrote a letter stating 'You all have brought this upon yourselves. There are no innocent Kuffar! Each and every Kuffar in this Nationalistic, Godless society has a hand in this. You've allowed Donald J Trump to give away Al Quds to the Jews. Both You and he are wrong, it belongs to the Muslemeen'"

Jameson's home was raided by FBI agents Dec. 20, where they found 45-caliber magazines, an Rugers model M77 and a Winchester 22. caliber rifle, ammunition and a martyrdom letter.

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