Sunday, December 17, 2017

Is Ibrahim Abu Thuraya's death the latest Pallywood production?

Is Ibrahim Abu Thuraya being set up to be the new Muhammad al-Dura?

The 29 year old wheelchair bound Gazan was allegedly killed on December 15, in a clash with Israeli soldiers.

Some claim the protest was "peaceful".

Witnesses who accompanied Ibrahim at the time of his death claim he was shot directly in the head  by an Israeli sniper. Health Ministry spokesman in Gaza, Ashraf al-Kidr pronounced him dead at Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital as a result of his wounds.

Ibrahim Abu Thuraya's death has the making of a Pallywood production

Is this how you carry someone with a head wound?

Where's the blood?  Wouldn't you expect blood from a fatal bullet wound to the head?

Jerusalem-based journalist Nasser Atta said he has spoken with many Palestinians, and they think the death of  Ibrahim Abu Thuraya “will be the beginning of the start of a third intifada – they compare him to Muhammad al-Dura killed during the Second Intifada.”

Ismail Haniyeh certainly hopes this will be the start of something big.

Does this man look like he died from a direct gunshot to his head?

The IDF is currently investigating the death of Ibrahim Abu Thuraya.  It will  be very interesting to hear what they have to say.


Honest Reporting also notices some discrepancies in the story of Abu Thuraya, particularly in how he became wheel-chair bound.
  • AP reports that he “lost his legs in an Israeli airstrike during a 2008 war between Israel and Hamas. According to relatives, he was assisting in the evacuation of people after an earlier airstrike when he was struck.”
  • “He was injured in 2008 by an Israeli helicopter that targeted him after he brought down the Israeli flag and raised the Palestinian flag along the border,” his brother Samir told AFP.”
  • Le Monde (French) states that he was hit by shrapnel east of the Bourej refugee camp.
  • He “was struck by an Israeli artillery shell. He lost both his legs and one of his eyes” in 2008 according to an APA Images photo caption.
  • He was “bombed in his home”  according to CJ Werleman from MiddleEastEye.
  • An Irish publication reporting on Irish Friends of Palestine donating an electric wheelchair claims “Ibrahim had been working on a trawler when it was hit by an Israeli missile in 2008. Eight people onboard were killed while Ibrahim lost both his legs below the hips.”

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